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 The Gallery of Fine Art at Manhasset Secondary School
"Her Presence"  
Works by Victoria Selbach
Meet the Artist: Saturday, March 25: 5-7 pm:
Manhasset Secondary School Lobby
Refreshments will be served 
Victoria Selbach is a New York Contemporary Realist painter best known for
her powerful larger than life-size images of contemporary women. Her gaze is
directed through a deep connection to the individuals who carry their unique
strength and beauty into the paintings. Selbach's work is grounded in a
commitment to celebrate the diversity and complexity of all the women we are.
Her work celebrates the immense potential of embracing the individual and
maximizing the universal feminine. She has exhibited in museums,
galleries and collections nationally, including the Heckscher Museum of Art,
The Butler Institute of American Art and the Tullman Art Collection.
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