Peer Responder Mentor Program

Peer Responders

Faculty Advisor:
Mr. Koondel, English 7
Mission Statement:
Peer Responder Mentors are a select group of 10th, 11th and 12th grade English students, who are trained in peer tutoring techniques and provide enrichment, remediation, academic guidance, and transition support to Middle School students in all subject areas with an emphasis on the essential skills of organization, task analysis and completion, time management, exam preparation, and written expression.
The Peer Responder Mentor Program has helped many Middle School students who really appreciate and enjoy working with their Peer Responder Mentors. Below are some comments from clients about their mentors:
PRM: Erin McAree

"My Peer Responder Mentor has helped me improve because she has always made sure that we have time to meet, and that the period and time of the meeting is a time we both agree on. Erin always texts me the night or day before the time we were scheduled to meet to check if the plans still work out. Erin is also really nice and polite when she texts me; she always asks how I am doing and what I did over the weekend. Erin makes our conversations fun and not awkward, too; we have had a lot of laughs. Erin is always on-time for our meetings (actually I am the one who is usually a little late, because I have to get my lunch). During my lunch period, we have a lot of fun, but we also get work done. Sometimes Erin helps me retake my spelling tests, she works on Social Studies paragraphs I have for homework, my essays for English, and helps me read and understand the connected reading quizzes. I am not going to lie, but at the beginning of the year, when I signed up for the Peer Responder Mentor Program, l was a little scared working with an older student. However, as I went to a few sessions with Erin, I was so happy and excited to meet with her. In a way, I think the Peer Responders are better than tutors, because Erin has had the same teachers as I do, so it is easy for her to help me. I have also noticed that Erin is well organized, on-time, polite, and nice, and by spending so much time with her, I have realized that she is a perfect role model to look up to. She has taught me how to think like a smart and efficient student in the future. Since I have been spending so much time with Erin, I feel like she is not only my tutor/Peer Responder, or helper, she is truly a friend. Whenever I see Erin in the halls, she always says hello, smiles big, and gives me a hug. And with the help of my Peer Responder, I have seen my grades go up and don't feel overwhelmed by the work, because I know Erin will be glad to help me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much, Erin, for being a super-smart Peer Responder Mentor and a best friend."

By Annalisa Massaro 
PRM: Madelyn Sheridan
"When I entered a new school, with more people and harder classes, l was scared silly. It would be a significantly huge difference from elementary school. All the older kids that I knew had said to enjoy elementary school while l had it, which only made me more anxious. I was taking an advanced math class, had to learn a new language, and had a lot more homework than what l was used to. On top of all that, l was playing a sport after school and was still adjusting to the new schedule of getting up at 6:30 and not going to bed until 10:30 or even 11, sometimes. The Peer Responder Mentor Program has been very helpful in my life. Meeting with my Peer Responder Mentor on a weekly basis helps me feel more confident with my tests and helps me know that I'm doing the work right. My Peer Responder has devoted her time to being in Mr. Koondel’s room or the library each week. Even though she has work of her own and probably has a lot of stress, she always makes it to our sessions on-time and helps me with homework and studying. For the first time, my last minute worries or concerns were easier solved rather than frantically texting my mom. My Peer Responder has helped me improve because she has shown me tricks to remember Spanish vocabulary, easier ways to approach math problems, and taught me how to make an essay more sophisticated. I am forever grateful for the time my Peer Responder, Madelyn Sheridan, has devoted to me. Whether, it’s at 7:30 in the morning or during lunch, l can always count on her to check my text and make room to find a time that works out well. Mr. Koondel was probably aware of the effect this program would have on students in the making of Peer Responder Mentor Program, but I don't think even he knows how thankful seventh graders are for this significant program. Not only myself, but everyone with a Peer Responder Mentor has felt great gratitude for the program."
 By Sophia Vlahakis

PRM: Joseph Tripodoro

"My experiences with Peer Responders are amazing because they help me with spelling retakes, homework, and studying for tests. When I work with on-duty Peer Responders the time is special. They take the time out of their day and they help me because they know how hard it is to be a 7thgrader. Something about a teenager helping me instead of an adult is very special, because they can relate to me; they were in the same boat that l am in right now. For example Joe Tripodoro is one of the on-duty Peer Responders that I have been working with, and he has helped me with mostly spelling retakes. By the end of quarter 1, my grade has significantly increased in English. I’m so happy and proud of myself. The bond between Peer Responders and 7th graders is really special."

By Daniel O'Neill

PRM: Sophia Tashjian

"The Peer Responder Mentoring Program means a lot to me because of the incredible bond between Peer Responder Mentor and client. My Peer Responder’s name is Sophia Tashjian, and she has helped me so much this first quarter. We've worked on my summer reading essay, Math, Science, and everything else. She is very knowledgeable and kind. This program is absolutely wonderful and a really helpful and amazing idea. It allows new seventh graders to the Secondary School to have someone to guide the way the first year. Since secondary is a big jump from elementary school (especially the schoolwork), these older kids really have helped out with the big adjustment. The Peer Responders who work with you are convenient by a call, text, or email. Whenever you need them, they are always there to help; but the best part is that these high schoolers are always on-duty in the Writing Center, Middle School Library, ACC or room 265 to help anyone who needs some extra help. In addition to all the wonderful help they provide, it is also like having a big sister or brother you know you can count on. I absolutely love this amazing system and hope to one day be a Peer Responder, too, because even though it's only the first quarter, my Peer Responder has helped me out so much and made me feel more comfortable in the Secondary School! No matter if you have trouble in school or are a top student, I would suggest getting a Peer Responder Mentor because they not only help with work but act as a brother or sister at the school that can help you adjust and make you feel more comfortable. Thank you for all of your help, Peer Responders; it is much appreciated."
By Barbara Timmerman

PRM: Caprice Catalano

"My Peer Responder Mentor, Caprice Catalano, helped me study for my Math test. She went over my study guide with me and what I got wrong. I felt really confident with my Math test, and I got through it really easily.  On this test, I scored an A+. Caprice really knew what she was doing and told me what I should improve, and she organized my work, which was sloppy and had a lot of mistakes.  Caprice improved my skills and organization."
By Kaitlyn Clarke
PRM: Rose Corcoran

"My Peer Responder Mentor, Rose Corcoran, has helped me improve because of her hard work and dedication towards helping me develop better grades.  Along with all the work and pressure of getting good grades and preparing for college, Rose has committed to helping me improve myself in various subjects. Every week Rose and I meet, and she helps me study for tests and understand concepts that are not clear to me. Rose has helped me a lot, and I thank her for all of her dedication. I am very lucky the Peer Responder Mentor Program exists, and I definitely recommend it for others because of the great benefit I have obtained from Rose."
By Daniel Cataldo
PRM: Kendra Downey
"My Peer Responder Mentor, Kendra Downey, has helped me improve in many subjects, such as Social Studies and English. She helped me study for the first Social Studies unit test, and I got an A on it. She is also really nice and helps me to understand anything that I do not get at first. She also helped me with the first few vocabulary packets until I got the gist of them and was doing them quickly and accurately. Overall, Kendra has been a huge help to me."
By Isabella Acerra
PRM: Julia Henry
"I have a Peer Responder Mentor whose name is Julia Henry.  She helped me in English with my summer reading essay, spelling and  grammar.  Julia also helps me with other subjects, like Math (exponents) and Social Studies (geography). Julia also helps me stay organized and encourages me to do extra credit."
By Kieran Ahern
PRM: Grace Dreyer
"My Peer Responder Mentor has helped me improve by helping me on homework and by teaching me new ways to solve problems. My Peer Responder is Grace Dreyer, and she helped me accomplish many of my goals, such as doing my homework and studying for all of my exams. When we have an appointment, we both have smiles on our faces because we are both very eager to learn a new thing every meeting. Without her, homework can be difficult sometimes, and it is very hard to find time for studying for tests. Meetings with her can really make differences in my homework assignments and grades. I think the Peer Responder Mentor Program is a great idea, because kids of all ages will have time to have their work checked and explained thoroughly by amazing people that take time out of their lives to help our school succeed."
By Michael Raybetz
PRM: Emily Kiley
"My Peer Responder Mentor helps me a lot. Her name is Emily Kiley, and I wasn't doing that well in English before she helped me get better grades. I just have to say thank you so much for being such a great PRM! She helped me a lot with my reading. I feel so much better now that I can read and write a lot better. I meet with her almost every day during our lunch time. I used to not like missing my lunch period in the cafeteria, but now I like eating with Emily and getting better grades. So, if anyone is ever struggling, then you should get a Peer Responder Mentor.  Thank you, Emily, for everything you have done for me!"
By Evangelina Gatanas

PRM: Olivia Garvey
"My Peer Responder Mentor, Olivia Garvey, has helped me so much through the past few months in Middle School. She has met with me to study for tests, go over homework, and just to review.  She is an amazing girl; she has been there whenever I needed help. If I was struggling with something and needed help, she would take time out of her morning before school or during a free period to help me better understand it. I have learned so many strategies that help me solve problems or even better ways to study. Olivia is the best, and I am so lucky that I got her!"
By Emily Weigand
PRM: Max Kim
"My Peer Responder Mentor, Max Kim, has helped me improve my grades so much.  He has taught me study skills and memorization tricks. He has helped me to adjust to the more difficult work of Middle School. He gave up his lunches and came in early to help me. The Peer Responder Mentor Program has helped so many other students, too.  Due to Max Kim, my grades have rocketed up. Before I met him, I needed a lot of help, and Max has done just that."
By Matthew O'Connor
PRM: Hannah Hildebolt
"My Peer Responder Mentor, Hannah, was incredibly helpful, because she helped me with a countless number of assignments and projects that I would have done very poorly on, if it wasn't for her insights and suggestions. One of the most important was my summer reading essay for English. It was probably the most important project of the marking quarter. She helped me learn new aspects of grammar and helped me improve that essay."
By Jack Paganucci
PRM: George Theodosopoulos
"My Peer Responder Mentor has helped me improve because he guides me through all of my subjects.  He teaches me Spanish, Math, and English.  George once helped me with my Math homework, and I got it all right.  When I was sad that I did not do well on a spelling test, he helped me study and I got a 30/30.  The Peer Responder Mentor Program is very helpful because PRMs help guide you through homework and quizzes."
By Adam Shahine
PRM: Regan Lavin
"The Peer Responder Mentor Program helps Middle School kids like me boost their grades and learn new skills. My PRM, Regan Lavin, has helped me improve my grades, because she helps me study and work on important homeworks such as essays. To get a PRM, kids have to fill out a permission form indicating when they want to meet. When you meet up with them, they will help you with your work. Most students communicate with their PRMs by texting or emailing. Get a PRM today!"
By Nick Vulpis 
PRM: Eliana Rozinov
"My Peer Responder Mentor has helped me improve because she is patient and helpful towards me and what I need help with, educationally. She is also willing to help me whenever I need it, even though she is so busy herself.  She has a way of making the subject I need help with much easier, the way she explains things and her methods of helping.  I am extremely grateful to have Eliana as my Peer Responder Mentor!"
By Darien Schwartz
PRM Lauren Merola