• Phoenix Art & Literary Magazine

    NCTE Award Winning Literary Magazine

    What: The Phoenix Club organizes the Phoenix, our high school's annual literary publication.
    When: Every other Thursday at 3:15pm
    Where: Writing Center
    Why: If you love writing and art or if you would like to review or submit submissions

    Contribute your work to the Phoenix! Drop your artwork and writing off in the Writing Center, with Mrs. Kennengieser, or with any of the Phoenix staff members. Artwork can be returned, or emailed to Mrs. Kannengieser at
    Mrs. Kannengieser
    Teddi Panagiotakos
    Head Art Editor
    Sabrina Nie 
     and their squires: Sophia Hill and Caroline Owen 
    Literary Editors
      Andrew Li   |   Adriane Kong   |  Elizabeth Wu
    and their squires: Vicki Situ and Alison Lee
    Layout Editors
          Andrew Juang   |  Stephanie Michael  |   Richard Lee          
    Jasmin Zelaya
    Paula Rodriguez
    Kristin D'Angelo | Justin Hoey      
    Public Relations
    Hunter Savignano and Hannah Klein
    Student Senate Representative
    Stephanie Michael
    Middle School Literary Editors
    Anjali Gauld and Lara Tsibelman
    What students are saying about Phoenix:

    Why I love Phoenix:
    What is there not to love? Every other Thursday afternoon, a group of students get to bond over something they are so passionate about. Creative juices flowing, yummy munchkins munching; releasing our inner most thoughts on the keys of the keyboard. Typing away, zoning everything else out, our minds are focused on making whatever we are writing, the most creative and the best piece we have ever written. Doing what we love and enjoy the most, getting lost in ones words and imagination is what occurs in the world of Phoenix. 
    --Noor Nanda, Senior and member since 2011

    Why I Love Phoenix
    Writing can open doors to new outlets that a person may have never discovered about himself otherwise; creativity lies dormant in the hearts of everyone, but it takes a writer to take the confusing waltz of ideas in his head and turn them into breathing, tangible works of art. I think that, in Phoenix, we’re able to better discover and explore the many different melodies in ourselves that let us write creatively. Many perceive writing as being a concrete form with no room for liberality, but through the creative writing we do in Phoenix, I’ve learned how to create my own chords to represent myself through my writing. To me, Phoenix represents a hospice that relieves my stress, a place where I can just weave together my thoughts on a clean, blank page with endless possibilities.

    --Allison Lee, Junior, Member since 2012

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