• Welcome To The Official Site for Manhasset's Hellenic Club!!!
         This club aims to promote an understanding of the principles of the Hellenic culture to the community of Manhasset. These principles include a commitment to humanity, freedom, and democracy. The preservation and promotion of these ideals is where the club will be committed to. All students are welcome to become a member of the club and participate in all club events. Along with promoting the principles of Hellenism, this club will foster creative ways to achieve this goal. We are hoping to include guest speakers, community outreach, and fundraisers. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the people listed below.
    Greek               Parthenon   Greece
    President: Lia Frankis                                       email: liafrankis@gmail.com
    Vice President: Angelo Katopodis                email: angelo_katopodis@yahoo.com
    Teacher Advisor: Mr. Keen                             email: christopher_keen@ManhassetSchools.org
    Site Manager: George Theodosopoulos      email: georgetheodos99@gmail.com 
    Secretary: Lazarus Ziozis                                     email: lazarusziozis@gmail.com
    A quick reminder that we are hosting a guest speaker next Friday, October 28, from 3:30-4:30 in the Middle School Library. Professor Ioannides from Queens College will be discussing OXI Day!