Jim Amen- Director of Physical Education and Athletics


Bella Totino - Lead Teacher


Secondary Staff

Farran Funfgeld

Mark Giardino

Tom Jones

Pam McDonough

Pat Murphy

Stephon Sair


Lauren Majewski

Jasmine Plaza

Munsey Park Elementary School

Keith Connors

Farran Funfgeld

Melissa Muller

Bella Totino

Shelter Rock Elementary School

Brian Ackermann

Bernadette Bourazeris

Matthew McGrane

The Health, Physical Education, and Athletics Department provides the framework for the K-12 physical education and health instructional programs and oversees the middle and high school athletic programs. It also provides health services by registered nurses in the district's four schools and the Manhasset community's non-public schools as mandated by New York State regulations.

The physical education and health curricula reflect the New York State Learning Standards and the district's K-12 Standards and Indicators. The objective of the physical education curriculum is to promote physical fitness and develop motor skills through regular participation in a variety of vigorous physical activities. Every student is required to participate in physical education on a regular basis. Where indicated by an individual's unique physical conditions, the physical education program is adapted accordingly.

The district's health program provides a variety of learning experiences for students to develop life skills, decision-making, self-improvement, stress management, and social skills in accordance with the New York State requirement for one semester of health during high school career. The district also requires students to take Health Education in grade 8 and 10. During the elementary years, students begin their health education with The Great Body Shop Program, which is introduced in kindergarten.

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