Munsey Park Elementary School

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    Chad Altman

    Chad Altman, Principal

    Welcome to Munsey Park School!

    Families remain at the heart of the Munsey Park School community.    We encourage ongoing dialogue between the home and school as we support all of our students reach their goals.  Our wonderful staff continues to lead by example as we model for our children the benefits of life-long learning.  

    On behalf of the Munsey Park staff, I would also like to thank our many volunteers and community-based organizations.  Your work continues to provide our students with an understanding of the values and traditions that make Manhasset such a wonderful place to be.  We look forward to continuing Munsey Park's tradition of community collaboration and excellence.    

    I encourage you to remain in touch with your child’s teacher to support their progress.  I also welcome you to reach out to me directly at

    See you soon!!


    Chad Altman


    Greetings Munsey Park Families,

    As the summer sun continues to shine bright, we are hard at work gearing up for a wonderful school year ahead. During my first year at Munsey Park, I immersed myself in our school community and before long felt right at home. I am so grateful to our families and staff for welcoming me so warmly. They continue to show me what makes our community so special.

    I am optimistic that for 2019-20 Munsey Park students and staff will experience even greater successes than those of the past year. The year was highlighted by a renewed focus on strengthening our supports for all learners through Response to Intervention planning, as teams of teachers across disciplines worked together to revise our RTI plan.

    We continued to expand professional learning experiences to provide the most specific and appropriate learning experiences for students (Responsive Classroom Practice, Teachers College Reading Project and Math in Focus). Finally, we celebrated our students’ accomplishments through class, grade level and arts presentations, and student voices remained strong through our Student Council meetings and other student-led activities.

    For 2019-20, our major areas of focus will be on:

    • A continued emphasis on success for all students, with a renewed focus on our Instructional Support Team and strategies to promote differentiation within all classrooms.
    • Promoting and enhancing collaboration among teacher teams, aligned with the Manhasset School District’s new vision, as we expand upon the best practices in teaching and learning.
    • Amplifying and increasing student voices by working with our Student Council to develop a Principal-Student Leadership Team.

    These are just a few of our goals for the year. I look forward to seeing these and so many other initiatives come to fruition so that our children can continue to enjoy a welcoming environment filled with rewarding experiences. I look forward to seeing you and your children very soon!


    Chad Altman