• Pre AP and AP Art and Design students are required to work consistently and effectively both in and outside of class. This course necessitates an intense commitment of time and effort to produce original artworks of exceptional quality. Advanced Art and Design classes are productive periods dedicated to cultivating ideas and developing works of art for submission to the AP College Board. Students will brainstorm, compose sketches, create process journals, experiment, problem solve, and make revisions that will lead them to the completion of  a well developed and proficiently executed portfolio of work. Through  exploration of ideas,  processes, and materials, along with hours of hard work, students will build their skills and find their personal voice. 

  • How To Be Successful In Class


    • Participate in critiques. Be receptive to feedback. Contribute ideas.
    • Use class time wisely.  Get to work immediately. Be  focused. The year goes by fast.
    • Sketch, brainstorm, and problem solve regularly in your process journal.
    • Watch demos and be willing to try new mediums.
    • Do your homework!  Put in the hours. Find time every day to work on your art .                                                                              
    • Take advantage of extra help!!!!!
    • Love to draw from life.
    • Look at art.  Watch videos and read about art and design.
    • Never say, "I can't". Don't make excuses. Try your best!!
    • Have fun, experiment, and don't be afraid to make mistakes. (without mistakes, you will not  learn)


     "Inspiration doesn't come when you are idle.
    It comes when
    you have steeped yourself in work."
    Don't say, 'I haven't the time.'
    You have as much time everyday as the great masters."
    "No Struggle, no progress"
    Irwin Greenberg
Ella Yang 2019
TJ Roszco 2019
Olivia Robson 2019