Technology FAQs for Parents/Community

  • Welcome to the Manhasset Instructional Technology Department's Frequently Asked Questions page.

    Over the past 10 days our team of Computer Teachers, Professional Developers, Computer Lab Teaching Assistants and Technicians have been been diligently answering emails submiteed to

    They have done outstanding work helping to resolve a multitude of questions. Many of these questions have been asked repeatedly and so we ask that you search the IT Help Google Form created by Ms. Marie Zaso to see if your question can be answered through it, before you send us an email.  This will help us to reduce the overall email traffic and increase the efficiency with which you have your issue resolved.

    Please use the navigation bar to the right to find specific information by category.  We will also be publishing other IT information on this page as the days go by.  So, please, continue to visit it!  Your taking the step of checking this page first will be a big help to all those working behind the scenes. It also qualifies you as an honorary member of the MPSITHELP Team :)   

    If your answer isn't here, please do email us.

    Thank you for your participation!



    The Manhasset IT Team

Google Form IT Help

  • Google Form IT Help for Parents/Community

    This Google Form is designed to allow parents and students to submit questions and inquiries to our Manhasset IT Department and find an answer in a timely manner. Please take the time to fill out all the questions so as to give us the maximum background necessary to resolve your issue. Your responses are saved automatically.  CLICK HERE to Get Started.


  • Manhasset Schools Community Listserv

    To stay current with Manhasset Schools community events, please sign up for our Community Listserv.

    Members of the community with children enrolled in one of the district schools are already signed up.  CLICK HERE to Sign Up

Updating Parent Email & Phone Number via Portal

  • Video clips illustrating how to perform common tasks will be added soon.