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    Rosemary Johnson

    Deputy Superintendent for Business and Operations 


    November 3, 2020


    Dear Parent or Guardian,

                    Our Food Service Management Company has been working hard to prepare a great food service program for our students.  Numerous healthy and delicious options are offered daily, available to both our on campus and remote students.

                    Good News!  To support communities during the pandemic, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the NY State Education Department have announced a program for the provision of FREE MEALS to ALL children through the end of June, to the extent that federal and state funding allows.  School breakfast and/or lunch that qualify as a complete meal will be FREE for ALL children at the Secondary School, regardless of income status or qualification for free and reduced meals.

                     Please be advised that second meals and a la carte items, such as snacks, and bottled water are NOT part of the USDA’s free breakfast/lunch program. Therefore, student accounts will continue to be charged for these items. 

    To purchase a la carte items please ensure your child’s account is funded as, due to COVID concerns, no cash will be accepted. 

    • Accounts may be funded using myschoolbucks.  
    • Payments to pre-fund your child’s account may also be made by placing cash, check or money order in a sealed envelope indicating on the outside of the envelope your child’s name, ID number and the dollar amount enclosed.  Your child can place the envelope in a designated lock box specifically for this purpose located in the middle school gym and the cafeteria. 
    • Checks made payable to Manhasset Schools may also be mailed directly to our Food Director, Margaret Gonzalez at Aramark 200 Memorial Place, Manhasset, NY 11030, please include your child(ren)’s name and ID number(s) to assist in applying payment(s) to account(s).

    This program is good news for our Manhasset community and is effective October 5 through June 18, 2021, or earlier if the federal allocation for this program is exhausted.  At that time, if the USDA does not extend the free meal provision, our school meal program will revert to the current pricing. 

    If you believe you qualify for free and reduced meals we ask that you apply for benefits to ensure a seamless transition once the program ends.   Applications for free and reduced lunch are available on the Manhasset website https://www.manhassetschools.org/Page/3908.   Please note an application must be filed each school year.

    Parents of students choosing remote learning will have the opportunity to pick up breakfast and lunch daily during the below time at the Secondary school.   This option applies to students observing a hybrid schedule as well.


    Secondary School (Location)

    Pick up Time

    Cafeteria Extension

    9-10:30 am


    Parents of remote learners who are not able to pick up meals on a daily basis or who prefer the opportunity to pick up meals in bulk should contact the School Social Worker to arrange pick up with our Food Director.

    Please be sure to take advantage of this USDA program by allowing your children to select a FREE BREAKFAST and/or LUNCH each day.


    Yours truly,


    Rosemary Johnson