Welcome to the Instructional Technology Department

  • The vision of the Manhasset Schools is to integrate various instructional technologies to engage, enhance, and extend student learning at all grade levels. Over the past years, the use of instructional technology has become a core component of the educational process. Students in our schools today will go on to careers and adult lives which rely upon technology proficiency. 

    Acknowledging this realty, New York State has adopted a set of Computer Science and Digital Fluency Standards . These standards focus on five key concepts: Impacts of Computing, Computational Thinking, Networks & System Design, Cybersecurity, & Digital Literacy. Implementation of the standards will begin in the fall of 2024.  

    In order to prepare our teachers for this implementation, we have begun to utilize the Triple E Framework in our selection of technology software.  This means training staff in the intentional rather than random use of technology.   We will also utilize Mishra and Koehler'sTPACK, and Puentedura's  SAMR frameworks as we help staff to instruct students. This empowers teachers to utilize instructional technology when it will advance learning, while not feeling they must use technology simply to "show they are using it".

    Teachers will be shown how to evaluate which technologies can enhance their instructional efforts to better help students attain learning goals, including those linked to the CS & DF standards. This will allow them to see where a technology may better engage students in the learning task or benefit from technology's ability to implement the universal design for learning principles. It also allows teachers to utilize technologies to extend opportunities for learning beyond the walls of the classroom or hours of the school day.

    You can read more about the goals of the MUFSD IT Department in the latest submission of our technology plan (recently submitted for NYSED approval). 2022-25 Technology Plan (Approved by SED)

    Thank you

    Dr. Rich Sevilla, Director of Instructional Technology
    Mr. Peter Niceforo, District Wide Information Technology Manager
    Colleen Shepherd, District Wide Student Information System Specialist
    Natalie Szuzina, District Wide Administrative IT Support, Webmaster
    Rob Mashburn, Secondary Building Professional Developer
    Nina Levine, Elementary Professional Developer
    Jimmy Neamonitis, Data Protection Officer
    William Campbell, Clerical Support