Canvas Observer Accounts

  • Please follow the instructions below or watch our Canvas Observer Videos to learn how to create and use a Canvas Parent Account.

    First Time Canvas Observer Setup - Click here for Video Guide

    Click here for pdf instructions

    • Setup Step 1 - Canvas Pairing Code

      1. Have your child sign in to their Canvas account on a computer.
      2. Select Account on the top left side of the webpage, then select Settings.
      3. On the Settings page, select Pair with Observer on the right side of the page.
      4. A pairing code will appear.  Copy it or write it down EXACTLY.  We will use it in the next step. 
        • Note: This code will expire after seven days, or after one use.  


      Setup Step 2 - Creating a Canvas Parent Account

      1. On your computer, navigate to   
        • Note: This is a different URL than the one your child uses to reach Canvas. 
      2. Select "Parent of a Canvas User?  Click Here For an Account" on the top right side of the webpage. 
      3. Complete the online form.   

      4. ***Enter the pairing code from Step 1 in the Student Pairing Code box.***  
        • Note: Pairing codes are CASE SENSITIVE and Pairing codes expire after seven days or their first successful use.

      5. Your setup is complete! 
         Graphical user interface, application, TeamsDescription automatically generated  
        -Parent observers can only see the assignments that the teacher has published 
        -Parent observers can see the grades if the assignment has been graded and returned back to canvas (if the grades tab is visible) or by clicking on the assignment directly whenever possible. 

    Using Canvas as an Observer 

    • Adding additional children to observe 

      1. Have another child log into their Canvas account and create their pairing code, as described in Setup Step 1.
      2. Log into your Observer account.  
      3. Click the "Account" circle in the upper left, then click "Observing". 
      4. Enter the additional pairing codes and click the +Student button. 


    1. Changing which child you are observing   
      1. On the Canvas Dashboard, select the drop down box near the top with one child's name in it.
      2. Choose another child from the list.  
      3. You should now see all of the information for this child's classes.


    The Canvas Dashboard - Click here for Video Guide

    1. Canvas Dashboard Viewing Options 

      1. There are 3 Dashboard Viewing options. You may switch between these with the Dashboard Option button (3 dots in the top right).  
        1. Card View - shows all courses as a card with clickable buttons for announcements, assignments, discussions, and files. 
        2. List View - shows an agenda view of graded and upcoming items in date order. 
        3. Recent Activity - shows a stream of notifications from all courses. 

      2. Card View and Recent Activity includes a sidebar with a simplified version of List View that contains upcoming work and recent feedback. 
    3.  Customizing the Card View of Canvas Dashboard  
      1. Card View shows a tile or card for each of your child's classes. You can change your observer settings without affecting your child's. 

      2. To manage which tiles are shown: 
        1. Click "Courses", then scroll down and click "All Courses: 
        2. Click the star icon next to any courses you wish to show on the dashboard.
        3. Return to the Dashboard to see only those starred courses. 

      3. To customize the cards themselves, you can: 
        1. Click the Options Icon on the top right of a card to create a nickname that only you will see. 
        2. Click the Options Icon on the top right of a card to choose an overlay color for each class.
        3. Click and drag the card to reorganize them. 
        4. Click the Options Icon on the top right of the PAGE and click "Color Overlay" to toggle a color overlay over an image, or just a small colored circle. 


    Navigating Canvas - Click here for Video Guide

      1. Canvas has a Global Navigation Menu on the far left of any page. 
        • Account - change user settings, add additional emails, choose which notifications you will receive and where they will go, and more. 
        • Dashboard - view the Canvas Dashboard as described above. 
        • Courses - view starred courses or all courses as described above. 
        • Calendar - view your personal and course calendars.  These are color coded and display all content with a date.  Each calendar can be toggled on or off, and each dated content can be clicked for more details. 
        • Inbox - view, create, and reply to conversations with teachers and children you are observing. 
        • Help - Access help resouces for Canvas, including user friendly video guides. 


    Working with Canvas Courses - Click here for Video Guide

      1. Each Canvas Course will load to a home page.  Each home page and each course will be organized differently (text, buttons, etc.)
        • Many teachers provide an "Index" which will explain exactly how their Canvas page is structured. 
      2. The Course Sidebar on the right has a Coming Up feed, which will show upcoming content for the class. 
      3. The Course Navigation on the left has links to various sections of the course.  
        • Each course will have different links, in different orders, and sometimes used in different ways. 
        • Modules are one of the most common links available.  Modules will give content and assignments organized by topic, periods of time, and more. 
      4. Open any assignment from Modules, Coming Up, Calendar, etc. to find additional details for that assignment.  
        • Details include submissions (may or may not be visible depending on the submission type), submission date, rubrics, feedback, grades, and more.  


    The Canvas Parent App - Click here for Video Guide

      1. Download the Canvas Parent App.
      2. Click on the blue Find School button.
      3. In the "Find your school or district" field, type in Manhasset.
      4. IMPORTANT: Select Manhasset Public Schools Observers/Parents. You will not be able to sign in with the teachers/students option. 
      5. Enter your login and password OR create a new account. 
      6. Click on the student icons for any students you are currently observing. 
      7. To observe an additional student, click the Add Student button. Click Pairing Code and enter the pairing code provided by the student. 
      8. Tap the student's icon to view each course. 

    What-IF Grade

    What-If Grades allow students to calculate their total grade by entering hypothetical grades for assignments. Only students can enter and view What-If scores. To test a different score for an assignment, students can click an assignment grade and enter a score in the score column. Learn how students use What-If Scores by clicking here and know that a Parent Observer account can see grades information as well.