About Us

  • The Manhasset Science Honor Society is celebrating its 15th year! Past advisors include Mr. Robert Klang and Ms. Alison Huenger.
    Current Advisor: Ms. Lauren Kearon
    NYSSHS SciHonor
    This honor society exists to promote the study of and appreciation for the sciences as well as to recognize those students who excel in Manhasset's science programs. As a chapter of the New York State Science Honor Society, we adhere to the constitution posted at the bottom of this page. 
    Membership Points 
    Students in the MSHS must obtain active membership through attendance in club meetings (4pts), online peer tutoring (2pts) and attending club events (6pts). Each student is MUST achieve 30pts per year to be considered an active member of the organization.

    This year, students will be engaging in various online lectures presented by different universities as well as hosting an Ask the Scientist series where members of the Manhasset community will present various careers in STEM related fields. If you would like to be a participant in these presentations, please contact Lauren Kearon at lauren_kearon@manhassetschools.org


    Extended purpose (from the Constitution of the NYSSHS):
    1. To provide recognition of achievement in the study and practice of science at all levels.
    2. To enhance knowledge and understanding of science among all levels of science students, by promoting scholarship and enjoyment through activities at various appropriate levels.
    3. To create enthusiasm for scholarship , strengthen skills, promote leadership and develop character.
    4. To foster collegiality, as well as develop maturity and independence, by providing students the opportunity to come together with common purposes: a commitment to service and a dedication to excellence.
    5. To stimulate the desire to render service within the science department, school and community.
    6. To encourage students to seek science and technology-related careers.
    7. To encourage talented science students to help other students develop an interest and achievement in science.