Student Email

  • Students in grades one through twelve have access to one school email address from Google.


    This provides students with a school email address, online storage space, and access to online word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software. 

    Student google email addresses all have the domain 

    School gmail accounts are locked down for grades K - 8, meaning that students can only email other students or staff members.  These accounts can neither send nor receive email from any other domain.

    School gmail accounts for grades 9 - 12 can be used to send and receive email to any domain (e.g. Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc).  

    For either account, it's important to note that student email accounts are to be used for school use only as explained in the District's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), policy 4526R. 


    Google - Students' Google email ends in the domain


    PLEASE NOTE - Microsoft does NOT guarantee a backup of any data stored in this cloud based environment. You should remember to backup your own data to either your School based "Home Directory" or an external drive.


    Microsoft 365 - Students' Microsoft email ends in the domain