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    Classroom Update


    In science, students are participating in The Great Ocean Rescue.  The GOR is a “cooperative learning adventure.”  Students are working as SeaWatch team members.  Teams are called to duty as rescue missions are played on a laser disc.  Each student participates as a team player with a specific specialty: Geologist, Oceanographer, Marine Biologist or Environmental Scientist. Together, each team member brings valuable clues to their group to help solve complex problems.  


    Together we will protect the world's oceans!


    **How does the GOR work?

    The whole class views a transmission that describes the current mission.

    Small groups of student “experts” meet to analyze the information from the transmission.

    “Experts” then share their information with team members.  (Jigsaw approach.)

    Each group makes a recommendation and the whole class discusses, analyzes and debates the best possible source of the trouble spot.

    When the trouble spot is located, experts will meet again to select tests to complete the mission. 


    Soon, we will invite parents and other relatives to be our guests as we worked to solve the Grief on the Reef Mission.  Help out in the evaluation process, participate in the discussions and consider the valuable work we do.  Since we are currently working off a "grant" we are now running low on funds.  Consider making donations to support our future missions.