• Welcome Kindergartners!!!

    Every child in kindergarten meets once per week for music class.  Students learn and reinforce a large variety of musical concepts through singing, moving, body percussion, reading, notating and the playing of classroom Orff instruments.  The following list highlights some of the objectives and repertoire (italics) we will cover over the next month.


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    The students will…



    ·         Respond to an external beat using a single motion per beat.  Walking, Walking, Welcome to Music, Clap Your Hands, Vacation Fun, Mother Goonie Bird

    Recognize the difference between similar and different phrases through moving, speaking, singing and play classroom instruments. Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, Colors, Magic Broom, Scary, Scary, Halloween, Dance Macabre, Goin' on a Ghost Hunt 

    ·         Demonstrate the difference between speaking and singing voices. Listen as I Whisper, 3 Little Monkeys, Airplane Ride, Fwang and Twang, What Will  You Be for Halloween

    ·         Participate in singing activities. All song repertoire

    ·         Begin to develop a song repertoire.  All repertoire

    ·         Sing sol-mi and sol-mi-la intervals. Sing Your Name, What Will  You Be for Halloween

    ·         Participate as a listener through movement and dramatic interpretation. Vacation Fun, Welcome to Music, The Grand Old Duke of York, Ghostbusters, Dance Macabre, The Freeze, Colors

    ·         Relate classroom songs and activities to culture. Dance Macabre, Ghostbusters, Dem Bones


    Music at Shelter Rock is a wonderful part of a well-rounded educational experience.  Thank you for your support of your child’s program.