• Welcome 1st Graders!


    Every child in first grade meets once per week for music class.  Students learn and reinforce a large variety of musical concepts through singing, moving, body percussion, reading, notating and the playing of classroom Orff instruments.  The following list highlights some of the objectives and repertoire (italics) we will cover over the next month.



    The students will…


    ·        Respond to an external beat using an alternating single motion per beat (broken bordun).  The Big Hairy Spider, Walking, Walking, Grizzley Bear, I think Music's Neat, Head and Shoulders

    ·        Demonstrate upward and downward melodic contour through moving, singing, and playing classroom instruments. Pick a Pumpkin, Mwa, Ha, Ha, Halloween's Coming

    ·         Sing la-sol-mi-do intervals. Sing Your Name, Walking, Walking

    ·         Demonstrate proper vocal tone production. All repertoire

    ·         Identify contrasting sections of a musical composition through movement and dramatic interpretation.  Dance Marabre, Mother Goonie Bird, Head and Shoulders

    ·         Relate classroom songs and activities to culture and history. Halloween repertoire


    Music at Shelter Rock is a wonderful part of a well-rounded educational experience.  Thank you for your support of your child’s program.  Please feel free to contact me at any time regarding your child’s music education.