Every sixth grade student meets once a week for a general music class in addition to their weekly chorus rehearsal.  Students learn and reinforce a large variety of musical concepts through singing, moving, body percussion, reading, notating and the playing of classroom Orff instruments. The following objectives highlight the sixth grade music curriculum. 

    The students will…

    • Perform, notate and read tied rhythms in duple and triple meter through moving, singing and playing.
    • Identify contrasts between 2/4, ¾, 4/4, 6/8 through moving, singing and playing.
    • Describe tempo-using terms including largo, moderato, allegro, andante and presto.
    • Perform and create melodies based on the C, F, and G Major diatonic scales.
    • Perform modal melodies on barred instruments.
    • Sing advanced 2-part songs as well as 3-part selections in holiday and spring concerts.
    • Distinguish between consonance and dissonance when performing and listening to music.
    • Identify the elements of music that were changed for each variation in theme and variations through formal listening
    • Create variations on a given theme.
    • Use and explore unconventional sound sources to perform a variety of musical styles and textures.
    • Listen to a musical composition and identify rhythmic motives and describe timbre.
    • Relate musical compositions heard and performed in class to their place in history.
    • Identify and describe the cultural significance of the composition.