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Superintendent Charlie Cardillo

A Message from the Superintendent

Welcome to the Manhasset School District, one of the premier school districts in the United States. I have had the good fortune to be Superintendent of the Manhasset Schools since November 2005. Throughout this ten year period, it has been clear that the greatness of each of our schools, Munsey Park, Shelter Rock and the Secondary School, revolves around a consistent, vibrant commitment to excellence in the 4 A’s – Academics, the Arts, Athletics and Activities. This commitment is evidenced by people who contribute to all of our schools - both inside and outside of the classroom:

·        Students- highly motivated, high performing students who are  respectful to classmates as well as to their teachers, counselors, coaches, advisors, support staff and administrators, each of whom each play a prominent role in their lives

·        Support Staff-  share in the collective vision of placing the needs of students first

·        Teachers-  caring and supportive professionals who are deeply committed to each and every student’s achieving his/her personal best in academic, social and emotional growth

·        Administration- fully invested in supporting  the students and teachers in our schools who tirelessly contribute to the very positive and uplifting environments evident in each our schools 

·        Parents/Community- remarkably generous and supportive of the schools  who often collaborate with the district on various projects and fundraising initiatives - all for the betterment of all students

·        Board of Education- during the most challenging era of public education, members of the Board of Education have remained consistently focused on what is in the best interests of students in the Manhasset Public Schools

Following my graduation from the University of Notre Dame, I began my career in public education as a social studies teacher at Sachem High School in 1975. While a great deal has changed in public education over the last forty years, a fundamental aspect that always needs to be in place in our schools, does indeed remain in place in Manhasset - students see that they are surrounded by adults  who truly care about them.

On a personal note, my wife Debbie and I have been married for 39 years; we have six sons ranging in age from Chris, who is 35 to our 24 year old identical twins, Conor and Casey.

Our schools place a very high value on family and community. Our students often say that our schools serve as their second home. In the year 2015 that speaks volumes about the Manhasset community as well as the commitment to excellence of the Manhasset Schools.

If you need any assistance or additional information about our schools, please feel free to contact me at:



Charlie Cardillo