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    We are most fortunate to have online access to the Rosetta Stone language programs, accessible from any internet connection. The use of Rosetta Stone will allow students to increase vocabulary and improve language skills. Many students have expressed interest in completing this required course work over the summer. This work is optional over the summer, however mandatory beginning September.

    The username and password that the student will be given will also be the same username and password that they will use come September. Below are some helpful hints and suggestions for using Rosetta Stone at home:

    Website - https://manhassethigh.rosettastoneclassroom.com


    Go to the Manhasset homepage – www.manhasset.k12.ny.us

    Go under-àStudents -à Rosetta Stone for Home Access -àClick on purple link


    Username – (first initial)(last name)(language level)

    EXAMPLE: jsmith4 OR  jsmith5

    Password – (is the language that you are enrolled in)

    EXAMPLE: italian OR french OR spanish

    **All lower case letters!!**



    • DO NOT do any Adaptive Recall activities! When this happens, all your lessons will be whited out. Click SKIP ALL RECALL ACTIVITIES!!

    • If you DO NOT have a microphone, you cannot do any speaking activities. You will complete these lessons in the lab during the school year.

    • ALWAYS click YES, CONTINUE MY PROGRESS. If you click NO, you will DELETE all your progress in that lesson. The ONLY lesson that MUST be DELETED before retaking it is the Milestone.

    • You CAN do Rosetta Stone on your phone, tablet, iPod or iPad

    • Download the Rosetta Stone app.

    • Open the app and click “Enterprise and Education Learners”.

    • Type in your username, password and next to the house, type in manhassethigh

    • If you have headphones that have a microphone, you CAN do the speaking lessons.