Progetto a metà semestre

    Creamo un fumetto comico!


    For most of the week you will be working in class on creating your very own fumetto!  Yourfumetto can be funny or serious but it must include the below listed guidelines.  At the end of the week you will be expected to present your fumetto and will receive a grade on your project.  I will provide you with the final paper on which you are to construct your fumetto. Before using that paper, you will be required to outline your ideas on scrap paper.  Starting tomorrow, you must bring in any materials you think you’ll need in order to design yourfumetto.

                                     The project will be due in class on

    ___________________, January ______.

    No late projects will be accepted.


     Your final comic strip must include-


                -8 different illustrated scenes (you may use pictures, drawings, clip art, etc.)

                -At least 8 different sentences which describe your scenes

                -At least 1 irregular ARE verb per scene (andare/stare/dare/fare)

                -Each irregular ARE verb must be used at least once (andare/stare/dare/fare)

    It must be completed on the paper provided.


    Rubric:  Your project will be worth a total of 30 points and will count as a unit test.  It will be graded as follows-

     ___/8 pts:  Student has 8 different comic scenes which are creative, neat, and 

                             accurately depict the written narration

    ___/8 pts:  Student accurately uses verbs andare/stare/dare/fare and expressional vocabulary related to these verbs 

     ___/8 pts:  Narration sentences are grammatically correct, verbs are conjugated properly, words are spelt correctly, and there are no errors in agreement

    ___/6 pts:   Overall presentation/comic strip makes sense, flows, thoughts are organized and well-expressed