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    All Manhasset Middle and High School students, faculty and staff have access to the new Rosetta Stone Silver foundations program.  This is a web-based program, that is accessible from any internet connection to supplement students' language of study.  All students enrolled in a language will log into Rosetta Ston through "ClassLink", using their MUFSD.org Google account.

    Click the link for directions on how to access "ClassLink".



    We are most fortunate to have online access to the Rosetta Stone language study programs. The use of Rosetta Stone will allow students to increase vocabulary and improve language skills. Students are required to complete Rosetta Stone AS PART OF THEIR REQUIRED COURSE WORK.


    • Students will sequentially complete CORE lessons and all standard lessons, for each unit throughout the school year. Lessons will need to be completed sequentially or credit will not be awarded.
    • Milestone lessons and Writing lessons are not part of the assigned work and do not have to be completed.
    • Rosetta Stone lessons may be completed using the Mobile Application on any mobile device.
    • All completed work is saved and cannot be deleted.
    • Teachers may assign lessons throughout the quarter.


    One week before the quarter ends, each student must submit the pdf (Adobe) format of his/her Rosetta Stone progress to his/her teacher. This pdf (Adobe) format can be found on the “reports” link on the homepage. Any lessons submitted after these dates will not be accepted. Any attempt to submit another student’s work as your own is a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy.


     The Rosetta Stone Method:

    The Rosetta Stone method teaches language the way we learned our native language. Rosetta Stone uses pictures to establish the meanings of words and phrases so there is no translation. Lessons are taught in the target language using real-life examples. Tasks and activities engage learners in the learning process. New information is presented systematically so that words and grammatical concepts are easily identified and understood.



    • For best results, use a USB headset with microphone, and plug in your device before signing in to Rosetta Stone®.

    • Plug your headset directly into your computer's USB port, not into a USB hub or other external device.

    • To resolve headset issues with your computer, go to your computer's sound settings. Make sure your headset is selected for both the microphone and the speakers. Follow the steps to adjust sound settings for your computer.

    • Use the Adobe®Flash® Player Settings to resolve issues such as allowing access to your microphone and reducing echo.


    The Rosetta Stone User guide is available in Chinese and Spanish below: