• Students and staff with computer network accounts can access these accounts remotely using VMWare's View client or web access.  Remote access allows one to access district software as well as any files to which they have permission rights (home directories, project areas, etc).  
    More information about this remote access as well as instructions for installing the VMWare View software are included here.  If you would like to see a video of the installation process click the link below. 
    Please Note: the URL of the View Server has changed to: https://View.ManhassetSchools.org  
    Please click here to read the attached instructions on updating the server url.  
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    How to Install VMWare View -

    How to Install VMWare View

    Please NOTE:  The url for connecting to the view server has been updated to:  View.ManhassetSchools.org Please enter that URL when asked to do so (around the 2:15 mark) in this short screen capture video whcih walks you through installing the VM-Ware View client onto your home computer.

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