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    The Manhasset School District utilizes the NutriKids Point of Sale System to manage school meal purchases at all District Schools. This program allows parents and guardians to electronically monitor purchases and account balances, and to make secure online prepayments at MySchoolBucks.com. Myschoolbucks.com is only service providing online access to your child’s lunch account at Manhasset Schools. Children may make purchases against a PREPAID account balance or with cash/check at the time of sale. End of year balances transfer as your child advances in grade, and graduates to the Middle School and High School. Lunch balances should remain positive at all times. Siblings cannot share prepaid balances. Please send all inquiries regarding the lunch program, balances, moving money between sibling accounts and MySchoolBucks login or funding issues to manhasset_lunch@manhassetschools.org.

    Meal Cost at Shelter Rock and Munsey Park is $3.00. Payments of $120 will cover approximately 40 meals.

    Meal Cost at the Middle School/High School is $3.50. Payments of $120 will cover approximately 34 meals.

    Funding your child’s Lunch Account

    • By Credit/Debit Card or E-Check at MySchoolBucks.com.
    • By Scheduling a recurring payment – See How to Schedule a recurring payment below
    • By Cash or Check at the register in their School Cafeteria.
      • Prepayments by Cash or Check should be enclosed in an envelope and indicate Lunch Payment/Child’s Name/School and be given to the cashier in the Cafeteria.
      • Checks should be made payable to: MANHASSET UFSD-LUNCH and indicate your child’s full name and school on the payment detail line.
      • Please send exact change or small bills, checks are preferred for Grades K through 4.
    • By Automatic Monthly Bank Check -$60 to $70 will cover approximately 20 meals
    • Vendor should be Manhasset UFSD-Lunch  200 Memorial Place, Manhasset NY 11030  Attn: Lunch Payments
      • Payment Detail should be your Child’s Lastname.FirstName.School
    • By mailing checks to the Central Office at 200 Memorial Place, Manhasset, NY 11030, Attn: Lunch Payments
      • Checks should be made payable to: MANHASSET UFSD-LUNCH and indicate your child’s full name and school on the payment detail line.

    Parents are responsible for all purchases made by their children. Please ask your children:

    • Not to come to the line to make a purchase without your permission and a positive Lunch account balance or cash/check for their purchase.
    • Not to put any ALA CARTE items, extra juice, milk, water or additional meal items on their tray which are not included with a full meal purchase, unless they have your permission and enough money or a positive account balance to cover the additional purchases. Only ONE MILK is included with full meals. Second meal servings will result in an additional meal charge of $3.00/MP&SR or $3.50/HS&MS
    • To take home the negative balance notices they receive at the register.
    • To remember their PIN and clearly state their name for the cashier when they arrive at the register to make payment.
      • Please email Manhasset_Lunch@manhassetschools.org if you require your child’s PIN.
      • Entering their PIN at the register brings up your child’s lunch record; otherwise the cashier must enter and search the system for their lunch record, delaying all students on line.
    • Not to leave the Cashier until the Cashier notifies them they have finished posting their purchase.
    • Not to share their PIN or use their prepaid balance to make unauthorized purchases for other students.

    We recommend all parents/guardians register at MySchoolBucks.com whether or not you plan to use the prepayment service. You only need to register ONCE to monitor ALL your children’s balances.

    • The site allows you to view the last 90 days of food/beverage selections made by your child.
    • You can set a minimum account balance to automatically receive a low balance email, and schedule an automatic payment, thereby ensuring your child’s account is always adequately funded.
    • You can fund the account by credit/debit card or E-Check at the site. A convenience fee of $2.75 for each transaction will be assessed to cover the bank fees.  Maximum funding is currently $120 per transaction (about 30 to 40 meals).  Parents/guardians placing money into multiple student meal accounts will be assessed the $2.75 fee once per deposit transaction. Manhasset School District does not profit from the use of this site. 
    • You need your child’s School ID number to register at MySchoolBucks.com
    • You must use any leading zeroes at the beginning of your child’s ID no. i.e. 01234456. If the site reports it cannot find your child, please try adding a ZERO at the beginning of their ID No, or click the “Don't have your child's student ID?” link. Your child’s ID is also available on the information page of your Parent Portal.

    Lunch Menus & Free & Reduced Applications

                Monthly Menus & Applications are posted on the District Website www.manhassetschools.org:

                Click Parents & Community è Nutrition (Lunch Menus)

    MySchoolBucks.com is a SERVICE which provides ONLINE ACCESS to your child’s LUNCH RECORD/ACCOUNT at Manhasset Schools. All students have a Lunch Record, whether or not you register for access at MySchoolBucks.com. Register ONCE to manage your family. If you forget you user name/email please click ‘Forgot your username or password?’. All questions should be sent Manhasset_Lunch@manhassetschools.org.

    Instructions for the MySchoolBucks.com services are as follows:

    Creating a MySchoolBucks account to monitor and manage your child’s lunch account

    • You only need to create ONE UserName to monitor ALL YOUR CHILDREN’S Lunch ACCOUNTS
    • Go to MySchoolBucks.com and click on SIGN UP TODAY
    • Fill in all the fields. Your E-Mail address will become your UserName.
      • If you forget your UserName or PASSWORD; Click Forgot your username or password? and follow the prompts. If you have any issues please email Manhasset_Lunch@manhassetschools.org.
    • Add students to your family/household - you'll need the child's school, name and student ID.
      • Your Child’s Student ID is available on the information page in your parent portal,
      • Or click “Don't have your child's student ID?” complete the required fields and Manhasset_Lunch@manhassetschools.org will send you your child’s student number. (Please allow 24 hours for a reply)
    • Select “Add a Student” on the Home Page or from Meal Accounts Drop Down Menu.
    • Select your child’s school
    • Enter their First Name, Last Name, Student # ( See Above )
      • Note: last name might contain punctuation i.e. Space Mc Smith
      • Note: please include any leading zeros in your child’s student #.

    Select My User Profile to edit the following:

    • Under My Login you can change your User Name, Password or Security Question.
    • Under My Contact Info you can update your name, add a mobile number for text messages, change your Email Address and request a payment confirmation email.

    How to set low balance notifications

    • Select My Students from the drop down under Welcome, Your Name
    • Under My Students Select EDIT next to the student name
    • Put a Check Mark in the Box and Enter a dollar amount in the box, we suggest $16.00 for ELEMENTARY $18.00 for HS/MS. This will give you approximately 5 meals to fund their Lunch Account.
      • You will receive numbered reminders from MySchoolBucks.com when the balance reaches this amount.
      • You can also Schedule a Recurring Payment at a SPECIFIC BALANCE and your child’s account will never be negative.
      • You should also enable ‘Send email confirmation of payment’ located under My Contact Info.

    How to schedule an automatic payment ** ONE MANUAL PAYMENT IS REQUIRED

    • Select – Get Started in the Set Up Autopay box at the bottom the Home Screen
    • When balance falls below: Choose $20.00 (about 6 meals) and your child will NEVER have a negative balance!
    • We suggest using the Maximum allowed $120, to reduce the credit card funding fee of $2.75.
    • Complete the payment information.
    • Click Complete Setup, and continue with the screen prompts to finalize.
    • To confirm your scheduled payment was accepted, go the Home Screen, Click your student and check the Scheduled Payments

    How to use Scheduled Bank Payments from YOUR BANK

    **We suggest using your Bank’s online service instead of the MySchoolBucks E-Check option. The E-Check service at myschoolsbucks has (3) day delay, pending confirmation from your bank.

    • Schedule a monthly bank payment with your bank. A payment of $60 to $70 which will cover approximately 20 days.
    • Vendor should be: Manhasset UFSD-Lunch 200 Memorial Place, Manhasset, NY 11030, Attn: Lunch Payments
      • Payment Details should be Child’s Lastname.FirstName.School
    • You will need a separate vendor if you have more than one child and will not be logging on to change the payment detail. Manhasset UFSD-Lunch-1 and Manhasset UFSD-Lunch
    • Set an end date of 06/15/YY or a number of payments that will end the cycle in June.
    • Set your low balance alerts for $18. If you get an email more than two days before your scheduled payment, you will need to send additional funds to keep the account positive till the bank check is sent.

    How to transfer funds between student accounts


    Please see F.A.Q. section at MySchoolBucks.com for additional information. 

    Please notify Manhasset_Lunch@manhassetschools.org immediately if your child’s account activity is inaccurate, or you have any questions regarding MySchoolBucks.com. 

    If you have any questions regarding menu content, your child’s lunch account balance, or require your child’s PIN or other information please email Manhasset_Lunch@manhassetschools.org. The Food Director may be reached by calling 516-267-7780 or emailing Food_Director@Manhassetschools.org.

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