• Community Service is a Manhasset High School graduation requirement.  Students must meet the minimum 15 hour requirement for community service during their senior year in order to receive their diploma.  Students can complete their hours over the summer at the end of junior year and/or during the senior school year with approved non-profit organizations. All senior community service hours and related paperwork are due by April 15th. Students must see Mrs. Steindam before this deadline if an extension is needed. All summer hours should be submitted in September.


    Beginning with the class of 2018, up to 5 hours of this graduation requirement for senior year can be fulfilled by participating in  pre-approved extra-curricular special events, sponsored by MHS organizations. (i.e., CASA speaker series, volunteering with honor society inductions, school clubs’ speaker series, etc.) Students who have already completed 100 hours of service through the Presidential Volunteer Service Award can choose to meet this graduation requirement for all 15 hours by participating in the special events noted above.


    All hours must get final approval from Ms. Steindam to determine if it fulfills the community service graduation requirement.

    For any questions concerning this important graduation requirement please contact Ms. Mara Steindam, District Coordinator of Social Studies at 267-7576 or via email at:


    Only volunteer work with an appropriate non-profit organization is acceptable to meet the community service graduation requirement.

    There are many volunteer opportunities availableLinks to three subpages of organizations are located on the left side of this page. In addition, you can find appropriate volunteer opportunities at the following student-managed database:


    There is also a link below to the website for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award and the validation forms for Manhasset High School students who complete a minimum of 100 hours of service per calendar year (Jan. 1- Dec. 31).  In most instances, a minimum of 50 hours may be accepted for high school students under the age 16.

    Presidential Volunteer Service Award paperwork for 2017 is due by Jan. 30, 2018. Students must document their 2017 volunteer hours using the forms available below. Students may begin submitting forms in October 2017. 
    Check the Related Files below for the various forms that must be completed.

     Please Note: This is separate from the eighty five (85) hours of service required for the  Service and Citizenship Award which is administered by the Counseling Department for students in grades 9-11.  Please make extra copies for you to submit volunteer forms to the counseling department. 

    Community Service Fair October 25, 2017, 10:00 am-1:00 pm in main hallway. Stop by during lunch or a free period to learn about volunteer opportunities.
     Community Service Fair Oct. 26, 2016