Community Service

  • Manhasset High School has three community service programs:

    1. Senior Year Graduation Requirement (supervised by Mrs. Steindam in the Social Studies department)

    2. Presidential Volunteer Service Award (supervised by Mrs. Steindam in the Social Studies department)

    3. Service and Citizenship Award (supervised by the Counseling department)

    Hours for these awards must be submitted electronically through 

    Passport for Good (P4G).

    P4G is available on the web as well as iOS and Android.

    All students must review the account set-up instructions on submitting community service hours through the P4G platform before an account can be set up.


    Link to P4G Help page:

     Important Notes for Passport for Good:

    1. New Account Set-Up:  Review the ACCOUNT SET-UP INSTRUCTIONS posted above.  Students must use their email address to set up their Passport for Good accounts.  If a non-school email address is used, student information will not get posted to the Manhasset High School account and cannot be recognized towards an award or graduation requirement.
    2. Students must print out the Supervisor Letter posted at the bottom of this page to give to adult supervisors from the non profit organizations they volunteer with to get the necessary contact/email information.  This is the only way volunteer hours can be entered into Passport For Good and subsequently approved by the organizations. 
    3. Students must be sure to apply their volunteer event hours to a specific award (Presidential and/or Service/Citizenship) and the senior graduation requirementIf this step is not completed, students will not receive credit for the award or senior graduation requirement!
    4. Students are responsible to monitor their own Passport For Good accounts to check community service hours have been applied to the proper Award and/or Graduation Requirement AND to check if the adult supervisors from the organizations have approved (stamped) the community service hours. In addition, students must also monitor if the school has processed the follow-up approval indicating the hours have been accepted for the selected Award and/or Graduation Requirement.
    5. Current grade 8 students may begin entering community service hours in Passport for Good starting with January 2020 ONLY for the Presidential Award. The Service and Citizenship Award program begins in grade 9 so students can begin applying hours towards that award in the summer immediately preceeding freshman year. 

    For assistance with the Passport for Good Platform:

    Help Center: Technical Support:

    See Ms. Zaso in the Social Studies Computer Lab (room 058) for technical questions

    There are many volunteer opportunities available.  There are links on the left side of this page for Current Volunteer Opportunities and for Volunteer Organizations and Resources. In addition, you can find appropriate volunteer opportunities at the following student-managed database:

    1.  Senior Year Graduation Requirement:

    Community Service is a Manhasset High School graduation requirement.  Students must meet the minimum 15 hour requirement for community service during their senior year in order to receive their diploma.  Students can complete their hours over the summer at the end of junior year and/or during the senior school year with approved non-profit charitable organizations. All senior community service hours and related validation/approvals and reflection essay are due no later than April 20, 2020 for the Class of 2020.

    All hours must get final approval from Ms. Steindam to determine if it fulfills the community service graduation requirement.  Only volunteer work with an appropriate non-profit charitable organization is acceptable to meet the community service graduation requirement.

    For the Class of 2020:

    • Seniors must submit their hours to the Senior Requirement group through Passport for Good (P4G)
    • Essay Reflection (one paragraph) must be entered into P4G for each organization students volunteer with and include a description of organization, description of the specific volunteer work performed and if they would recommend this volunteer opportunity to other students. 


     Up to 5 hours of this graduation requirement for senior year can be fulfilled by participating in  pre-approved extra-curricular special eventssponsored by MHS organizations. (i.e., CASA speaker series, volunteering with honor society inductions, school clubs’ speaker series, etc. Again, only pre-approved events may count!) 

    For any questions concerning this important graduation requirement please contact Ms. Mara Steindam, District Coordinator of Social Studies at 267-7576 or via email

     2. Presidential Volunteer Service Award: 

    High School students are eligible to apply for this award through Mrs. Steindam. Students must track their volunteer hours each calendar year (Jan. 1-Dec. 31) in Passport for Good (P4G). Please review the ACCOUNT SET UP INSTRUCTIONS posted above on how to log your hours in P4G. 

    You must join one of the 2019 Presidential Award groups in P4G in order to submit hours for this award. The groups are organized by age. Note that if your birthday is July 1, 2003 or later you must join the "Teens-Age 13-15" group. Students with birthdays June 30, 2003 and earlier must join the "Young Adult-Age 16-19" group.


    Beginning January 2020, students may start counting and entering hours for the 2020 Presidential Award and join the appropriate group based on their age. Note that if your birthday is July 1, 2004 or later you must join the "Teens-Age 13-15" group. Students with birthdays June 30, 2004 and earlier must join the "Young Adult-Age 16-19" group.

    To earn this award, students age 15 and younger must accumulate at least 50 hours for the year while students age 16 and older need a minimum of 100 hours per year. This outside award is administered by Points of Light.

    Award Eligibility: The following are the eligibility requirements for each age group:

    Teens: Age 11-15 (Note: we only certify hours for high school students as part of our high school community service program)

    Young Adults: Individual Age 16-25

    Presidential Volunteer Service Award Criteria Bronze Level:

    Teens: 50 to 74 hours

    Young Adults: 100 to 174 hours

    Presidential Volunteer Service Award Criteria Silver Level:

    Teens: 75 to 99 hours

    Young Adults: 175 to 249 hours

    Presidential Volunteer Service Award Criteria Gold Level:

    Teens: 100 hours or more

    Young Adults: 250 hours or more

    Students must submit their 2019 hours using "Passport For Good."  Final submission deadline for 2019 hours is January 31, 2020.  Students must follow up with their supervisors to ensure all of their hours have been approved in P4G prior to this deadline.  Awards will be presented in May 2020.
    3.  Service and Citizenship Award
    This award, overseen by the Counseling department, is granted to seniors who have completed a minimum of 85 community service hours during grades 9-11.  All of these hours must be with non-profit organizations.   

    Hours must be submitted using the Passport for Good platform. Please review the ACCOUNT SET UP INSTRUCTIONS posted above on logging hours in Passport for Good. 

    You must join the Service and Citizenship group that corresponds to your graduating class in order to submit hours for this award. 

    If you already have submitted the paper forms to the Counseling office, it will remain in your file and be counted towards this award. You do not need to enter the old hours into the P4G account. 

    For assistance with the Passport for Good Platform:

    Help Center: 

    Technical Support: 

    Community Service Fair: The annual event took place October 16, 2019, 10:00 am-1:00 pm, in the main hallway. Students stop by during lunch or a free period to meet with representatives from different local non-profit organizations. 
     Community Service Fair Oct. 26, 2016