• Welcome to Italian 1-2.  Throughout the academic year, students will be involved in a wide range of differentiated activities that will conform to the NYS curriculum standards.  The instructional methods will be largely student-oriented, encouraging participation and higher-order thinking.


    • Students will be able to develop skills which are essential to communicating effectively in the target language.
    • Students will be able to develop an understanding and an appreciation for other cultures and their influence on our culture.
    • Students will be able to refine the four language skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.


    • Personal Identification, Health and Welfare, Leisure and Time, Shopping and Clothing, Food and Meal Taking, Public and Private Services, Travel and Vacations, Family Life/ Professions/Chores


    • 3-ring binder with loose leaf
    • 3-ring whole puncher
    • Pocket Folder
    • Textbook/Worksheets
    • Index Cards


    • All Manhasset High School rules.
    • Arrive to class each day on time, prepared to work immediately. 
    • Treat classmates and teachers with RESPECT.


    • CIAO! Thomson and Heinle, 2008
    • Un’estate tutta diversa, Amsco 2001 (reader)


    • Formal Assessment Rubric for Academic Achievement
    • Students are assessed frequently both formally (quizzes, tests, projects) and informally (homework, in-class work, participation)
    • If a test is missed, students must make up the test in the Language Laboratory during a free period or before school.  Arrangements must be made with the teacher.


    • Homework is generally assigned every evening.  If there is no written assignment, students MUST study their notes and vocabulary from that day.  Language learning is cumulative and requires a good basic vocabulary. 
    • If a homework is not completed the student can make it up the next day for half credit.All made up homework must be submitted by Friday of the week during which it was due.



    • Students will have class in the Language Laboratory approximately every 12 days. This will reinforce listening and speaking skills. The Tower Foundation provided the funds necessary to provide this wonderful “communicative tool” which enables students to focus on developing aural/oral proficiency in the target language.  The lab is open to all students before school and throughout the school day.


    • Teachers offer extra help on a schedule determined in the beginning of the school year and upon appointment. 
    • Extra help is also offered through the members of the Foreign Language Honor Societies.


    • Students will complete FLACS Exam in June.  Upon successful completion of the FLACS CHECKPOINT A Exam, students will receive ONE high school credit.