• AP Physics C: Mechanics and Electricity & Magnetism

    Ms. Sundar


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    This course is a calculus based college physics course.  The course will emphasize problem solving and critical thinking skills. Both the mechanics and the electricity & magnetism portion of the AP Physics C curriculum will be covered in this course. Students in this course will take both the AP Physics C: Mechanics exam and the AP Physics C: E&M in May (You must register for both exams).  Each exam is divided into two 45-minute sections.  Part I contains 35 multiple choice questions and Part II consists of 3 open ended free response questions.  Equation sheets and calculators may be used during the exam. 



    The textbook used for this course is University Physics by Young and Freedman.  This book could be left at home since it will be used on a nightly basis for homework and reference.  Photocopies will be provided for class work.



    Notebook with loose-leaf paper

    Graph paper

    Scientific or graphing calculator

    Metric ruler

    Pencils, pens, red pen

    Quad ruled composition notebook for labs



    The following grading policy will be used in calculating quarter grades:


                                                                                                    Exams and Quizzes= 70 %

                                                                                                    Homework, Classwork, Lab work = 30%


    Two or three exams will be given each quarter.  Exams are comprehensive and will cover a wide range of material.  They will consist of AP style multiple choice questions and/or AP style long answer questions.



    Quizzes may be announced or unannounced and may be given on any day.  There will be several quizzes given each quarter.  Quizzes will cover one or two topics.


    Any exams and quizzes that are missed must be made up either afterschool or during a free period by appointment within two days of your return to school unless prior arrangements have been made with the teacher.



    Students will participate in advanced lab sessions throughout the course.  All lab work must be completed in the lab notebook.  Any missed labs must be made up afterschool in a timely manner.  Exam and quiz questions can be lab based.


    Homework/Class work

    Problem solving will be a very large focus of this class, and as with most tasks, the more you practice, the better you will get at it.


    Thoroughly completing homework will be necessary to your success in this class. Homework will be either checked or collected and graded.  Selected problems will be reviewed in class.  Aside from working on the assigned homework problems, it is imperative that you spend time reviewing your notes and class work each and every night.  In addition to written homework, students are required to complete weekly assignments on the online homework system, Quest. (at least one, up to three assignments per week).


    We will be engaging in a lot of problem solving during class time.  You are expected to participate and work with your classmates.  Work that is not completed in class must be completed for homework.  You are also required to participate in class discussions and activities. 


    Extra Help or make-up sessions

    I will be available for extra help afterschool on Wednesdays.  Additional sessions before or after school or help during free periods may be arranged with advance notice. It is your responsibility to seek help when you need it!


    List of topics to be covered in AP Physics C



    1D and 2D Kinematics (including vectors and vector algebra)

    Newton’s Laws of Motion

    Work, Power, and Energy

    Linear momentum, Systems of particles

    Circular motion and gravitation

    Rotational motion (including rotational kinematics and rotational dynamics)



    Electricity and Magnetism


    Conductors, Capacitors, and Dielectrics

    Electric Circuits

    Magnetic Fields

    Electromagnetism (including induction, inductors, LR and LC circuits, Maxwell’s Equations