• First Grade- Main projects for 2014-2015


    Memory Drawing

    Students will draw a picture based on their memory of a favorite moment over the summer.  They will add color to their pictures and communicate visually.

    Elements of Design- Line, shape

    Take a Line for a Walk

    Students will draw their own imaginative places using varied lines based on the book Harold and the Purple Crayon.

    Elements of Design- Line, value (light to dark)

    Clay Pumpkins

    Create a clay relief pumpkin demonstrating knowledge of symmetry and contour line.

    Clay and glaze safety will be reviewed. 

    Presentation projects for the musical The Great Kapok Tree

    Classroom play with classroom teachers and music teacher Mrs. Faltings

    Students will each create a unique mask to perform their assigned animal during the play.

    Elements of Design-Shape, texture, Form, Color (tints and shades)

                    Solar System Collages

                    Students will create cut-paper collages of the solar system on black paper.

                    Elements of Design- Shape, Form (drawing a sphere), texture, color

    Mini Monet Masterpieces

    Students will create a watercolor resist painting in the style of “Water lilies” by Impressionist

    Claude Monet.

    Elements of Design- Quality of Line, Color, Space (near and far)

    Principal of Design- Unity, Balance

    Self-Portraits with a background

    Students will view expressive self-portraits of Artists in history.

     (Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Henri Matisse)

    Students will draw self-portraits demonstrating seven elements of design and two  principles of design.

    Elements of Design- Line, Shape, Color, Space, Texture, Form, Value

    Principles- Balance, Unity