Academic Computer Center

  • The Academic Computer Center, (ACC) is open every day from 7:30 A.M. -3:08 P.M. It is staffed by Mr. Brussel, who is available to assist students with homework, resetting passwords for Castlelearning, computer logins, emails, and Google Chrome accounts, as well as assisting teachers and students with technical issues as they relate to computers and printers in the ACC. Peer Responders, whom are High School students are in the ACC during various periods throughout the day to assist Middle School students with English, as well as other subjects.
    Upon entering the ACC, students are required to use the sign in computer at the front of the room. If a student in grades 7-10 needs to use the ACC any time throughout the school day, whether it be lunch or study hall, a pass must be obtained prior to 4th period. Upper Classmen are not required to obtain a pass.
    The eating of food is forbidden in the ACC. Drinks may be consumed, as long as it is away from the computers and there is a lid on the drink when not being consumed. 
    Reserving Time in the ACC
    Click on the link to see step by steps instructions on how to reserve class time in the ACC 
    Reserving Time in the ACC with Recurring Dates 
    Click on the link to view step by step instructions on how to  reserve class time in the ACC with recurring dates