• Manhasset Secondary School

    Academic Computing Center (ACC)

    What is the ACC?
    The Academic Computing Center is located in room 168 in the Secondary School.  The ACC offers students and teachers an area for the use of computer and other computer related technologies in the pursuit of academic excellence.

    Who uses the ACC?
    The ACC may be used by all students, faculty and staff. There are regularly scheduled classes that meet in the ACC as well as temporarily schedule units from all the subject areas. Students may also go to the ACC during non-instructional periods during the course of the school day. 

    What time may I go to the ACC?
    The ACC hours are 7:30 A.M.. to 3 P.M. Monday- Friday in room 168. Assistance with computer-generated assignments will be given at these times.
    Students in Grades 7 through 10 must obtain a pass before Period 4 in order to use the ACC during Study Hall or Lunch Periods.