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    James Amen, District Director
    Physical Education and Interscholastic Athletics
    200 Memorial Place, Manhasset NY 11030
    Dear Parents/Guardians:

    Athletics is an integral part of your child’s education. Manhasset offers many athletic activities that your child can attempt to participate in. In almost all cases students try out for the sport of their choice but there may be eliminations based mostly on levels of skill.

    The High School has three sport seasons (fall, Winter & Spring) while the Middle School has four sport seasons (fall, winter 1, winter 2, and spring). Please see "Section VIII Sports Seasons 2019-2020" page on the left for sport offerings and season dates.

    It is strongly encouraged that your child participate at their level of competition. This is why we have Middle School Sports and High School Sports. Although any 7-12 student may try out for a high school sport the process for a student who is in 7th or 8th grade to “play-up” is called the Athletic Placement Policy”. This policy is governed by the New York State Education Department. Please see "Useful Docs/Info" on the right for further information on this policy.

    The Manhasset Secondary School Athletic Department is excited to announce that we are now moving to the convenience of online athletic registration through Family ID. Online athletic registration for the Fall Athletic season will begin shortly. Paper registration will no longer be accepted.



    Thank you,

    James Amen

    District Director of Physical Education and Interscholastic Athletics


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