• Sixth Grade Projects


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    Cave Art Bulletin Display


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    Pastels and Charcoal


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    Containers, papier mache, paint


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    Oceanography Radial Design- watercolors


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    Self Portraits using clay


    Sixth Grade- Main Projects 2013-2014

    Project 1- Cave Art

    • Faux Finish Petroglyphs
    • Recall classroom learning and create drawing based on knowledge
    • prepare background by tearing edges and applying pastels

    Project 2-  Self-Portraits

     Students will use mirrors to get accurate likeness of self.

    • line/shape/color/value
    • balance/contrast
    • Accurate proportion of feacial features will be demonstrated

    Project 3-  Oceanography

    •  Radial symmetry design- incorporate math skills
    •  space/line/shape/color
    •  balance/ unity/ rhythm

    Project 4- Winter Sports

    • 2 minute figure sketches-after several poses choose one
    • create sport equipment drawings for figure and design clothing
    • line/shape/texturecolor/value
    • Emphasis/Movement

    Project 5- Still Life

    Students will create a grouping of three objects to draw

    Demonstration-week 1

    • back/near/far-perspective
    • value scale
    • balance/contrast

    Project 6- Contest- Ancient Chinese Legends and Myths

    • Discussion of legends and myths
    • depict will each one using their own ideas
    • Discuss materials and timeline

    Project 7- Chuck Close

    • Create 2"x2" grid
    • Analyze the artist works
    • Demonstrate how to use the photo to draw one square at a time from photo to grid.