• Helpful Resources 
    Attached below are some helpful resources that can help students both at home and in school. I will continue to add resources and materials that we use throughout the year for our students. If there are other materials that you find could be helpful for your child at home, please let me know so we can work to create those for you! 

    "Today I am Feeling" - A worksheet to help your child tell you how they are feeling
    "How I am Feeling This Morning" - A visual sheet to help your child describe to you why they do not want to go to school (this is helpful if your child is having difficulty leaving each morning to go to school).
    "Weekly Calendar" - A helpful calendar for your student to let them know what to expect each day of the week (e.g. Monday - soccer practice, Tuesday - a visit at Grandma's house, etc.)
    Choice Board - An example of a choice board - first the student would choose an activity, either academic, leisure, chore, etc., then they would choose an activity for a break! This is very helpful for students who need help to participate in more than one activity.
     First Then Board - This is the most simple way to show your child how contingencies work. First write down what you want them to do, then write down what they can do for a break or something they can earn for doing a good job!

    http://www.starfall.com - This is a great (FREE) website as an introduction to reading and math basics that combines videos and interactive games to keep students entertained and engaged while learning!