School Counseling

Joy-Anne D'Anca
  • Dr. Joy-Anne D'Anca,

    Director of Guidance and Counseling Services      

    Manhasset Public Schools

    200 Memorial Place

    Manhasset, NY 11030


  • Mission

    Manhasset School Counseling Department Mission Statement


    In support of the Manhasset School District, the mission of the Manhasset School Counseling Department is to assist all students in the acquisition of the academic, career, and personal/social skills required to become successful students and, ultimately, fully functioning, responsible citizens.  To do so, a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate school counseling program has been developed to address the individual and collective needs of all students. In addition to assisting students directly, the members of the Counseling Department are committed to working in partnership with members of the administration, faculty, parents/guardians, and members of the community.


    Manhasset School Counseling Department Philosophy


    Manhasset counselors believe that all students, given their individual abilities, have the potential to become successful learners and that every student should be given the opportunity to reach his/.her full potential. To assist students in this endeavor, we believe every student should have access to and the support of a certified school counselor who is committed to the goals inherent in the development and delivery of a comprehensive school counseling program.


     As counselors, we believe:

    • All students can learn and should be given the opportunity to do so in a safe, supportive environment.
    • Students do not all learn at the same pace or in the same way. It is important to take these differences into account when working with students and to support the efforts and accomplishments of each student.
    • All students have the right to participate in a school counseling program that addresses their current academic, personal and career development needs and assists in the development and implementation of their post-secondary academic and career goals.
    • All students have the right to be respected for who they are and, in turn, all students have a responsibility to respect the individuality and or diversity of others.
    • Learning is not limited to the academic domain of a student’s development. Learning also includes the development of a student’s social and emotional growth as well as the investigation of college and career awareness and planning.
    • Students are expected to actively participate in the learning process and accept responsibility for their actions and behaviors.
    • The primary role of the school counselor is to work to ensure that each student has an opportunity to be successful and to advocate on behalf of students as we work collaboratively with parents, faculty, administrators, and members of the community.
    • It is the responsibility of the school counselor to adhere to the Ethical Standards for School Counselors as promoted by the American School Counselor Association.
    • It is the responsibility of the school counselor to participate in meaningful, on-going professional development activities.
    • It is the responsibility of the school counselor to participate in the annual evaluation of the School Counseling program.
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  • At the elementary schools, the School Counseling program is implemented by Mrs. Amanda Gimpndo. While there are elements of the school counseling program conducted by all school counselors at the elementary and secondary schools, the primary focus of the elementary school counseling program is the development of the social and emotional competencies of all chldren. Throughout the year, Mrs. Gimondo makes multiple visits to each class at both Munsey Park and Shelter Rock. During these visits,  she conducts thematically developed lessons designed to address topics including: friendship, bullying, personal space, empathy, and stress. 

    Please refer to the complete School Counseling Plan for a full review of the elementary school program.  

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