• The mission of the Instructional Technology and Library Media Departments is to provide students, teachers, support staff and administrators with the equipment, software and resources each needs to reach their full academic potential. We hope that this page and the links on the left vertical navigation panel assist you in making full use of the available resources.
    A key component of the program is to instill the requisite digital literacy skill set to effectively use the information and communication technologies to which students and staff have access.  This is consistent with the national goal of promoting digital literacy announced in the National Broadband Plan.  Technology permeates every aspect of our daily lives; as such the facile use of technology is vital to success in the twenty-first century.


    Ready access to an abundance of information (some of questionable value) requires that students become information literate – able to evaluate information in an intelligent and discerning manner. Information literacy falls within the umbrella of digital literacy and has long been a core mission of U.S. public and school libraries. The Districts’ four library media centers (links below) are each staffed with highly trained, certified school librarians who work in collaboration with classroom teachers to instruct students in the process of locating, evaluating and using information in print, digital and other formats.
    Our computer labs are similarly staffed with certified teachers who instruct students in the use of information and computer technologies (ICT).  The curriculum reflects the ICT standards developed by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).  The goal of the computer lab specialists is to instill ICT literacy – another strand within the digital literacy framework.