• Google Apps for Education (GAFE) are a suite of free, web-based computer programs available to all schools throughout the world.  The three core programs - Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides - are very similar to Microsoft's Word, Excel, and PowerPoint programs.
    Google Classroom is a free web-based platform that integrates Google Apps for Education with other Google services. 
    The Manhasset School District began using GAFE and Google Classroom in the fall of 2015 in conjunction with a roll out of class sets of Chromebooks to all Secondary School English Language Arts classrooms.  This project was funded by the Manhasset Tower Foundation.  
    Thanks to another generous gift of the Manhasset Tower Foundation students in grade six will have access to class sets of Chromebooks in the Fall of 2016. Sixth grade students may begin using begin using GAFE by the spring of 2016 in computer labs.