American Association of Italian Teachers


    More than 5,000 students participated in the National Italian Exam this year and nearly 1,500 received medals for their outstanding performance on the 2019 National Italian Exam.  The outstanding performance of these Italian learners in our national competition brings honor to their school, their district, and their Italian program. The AATI values highly the tremendous work of these students and their dedicated teachers.

    We would like to commend the excellence of our 2019 National Italian Exam Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award Winners and congratulate all the students. 



     Level 2

    DiConza, Kristen


    Level 4

    Fox, Taylor 

    Gagliano, Victoria

     Klissouras, Ava

     Klissouras, Lea

    Mejia, Jacqueline

    Rowan, Thomas


    Level 5

     Phelan, Lauria 

      (2020 National Italian Exam Scholarship recipient



    Level 1

     Caputi, Cristina

     Pak, Natalie


    Level 3

    Davi, Silvana

    DiRaimo, Luca  

    Magas, Antes

    Ottavio, Alexander

    St Jeanos, Grace



    Level 4

     D'Angelo, Gabrielle

    Troia, Michael




    Level 4

    Trieste, Eliza 


     Level 5

    Colalilli, Sophia

    DiRaimo, Guilia

    Holm, Eric

    O'day, Rachel

    Sciarrino, Nicole 

    Viola, Matthew




    Level 1

    Devito, Gabriella 

    D'angelo, Joseph

    Sontag, Alison

    Vaswani, Arya


    Level 3

     Caputi, Katherine

    Locurto, Ashley 

    Piatek, Maxemillion


    Level 4

      Caliendo, Rebecca 


    Level 5

    Bachman, Michael

     Busljeta, Gabriela

    Lerian, Gracie

    O'brien, Logan

    Pappas, Sophia

    Stein, Giuliana