The National Spanish Exams are the most recognized tests of Spanish in the United States. 
    It is given by about 4,000 teachers to measure performance (interpretive communication) and achievement of English-speaking students who are studying Spanish as a second lanuage. Congratulations to our students who achieved Gold, Silver and Bronze awards! 


     Level 1

     Aboyoun, Jordan

    Level 2

    Lu, Roger

    Level 3

    Jain, Sambhav

    Wu, Dylan

  • Plata

    Level 01

     Hairabedian, Colin

    Hairabedian, Loic

    Lago, Emanuel

    Level 1

    Connolly, Savana

    Huang, Edward

    Rubin, Hannah

    Shu, Ada

    Voelker, Jack

    Venetoklis, Anastasia

    Wede, Katherine

    Wong, Spencer

     Level 2

    Gibbons, Connor

    Lago, Sofia

    Level 3

    Harley, Amelia

    Stefanakis, Sophia

    Wells, Natalie

    Level 4

    Reinhardt, Oliver

  • Bronce

    Level 01

    Colello, Meghan

    Lago, Christina

    Xenophontas, Sophia

    Level 1

    Abbasi, Alec

    De Leeuw, Adam

    Filipski, Lily

    Fox, Kayla

    Koek, Megan 

    Limb, Anna

     Level 3

    Ma, Michael

    Level 4

    Kedia, Sanjna

    Pidedjian, Stephen