College Score Reporting and Other Application Requirements

  • While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information included below, please be sure to check the official website of each college or university, as changes are made frequently. 


    Score Reporting Policies

    While the College Board has left the submission of scores up to students, (Score Choice) there are those colleges and universities that ask students to submit all of the results of the exams they have taken. Please ask the specific college/university that you are interested in for their requirements as it varies by institution.  


    SAT Subject Test Policies

    In addition to the submission of standardized SAT or ACT scores, some schools will require the submission of the result of Subject Tests. The attached is a list of schools requiring SAT and ACT plus Subject Tests, and schools that will accept the ACT in lieu of Subject Test scores. Click here to open link.


    Test Optional Colleges and Universities 

    This refers to the colleges/universities to which you can apply without submitting standardized test scores.  Please note, however, that these institutions can request scores if there is any concern about your academic profile.  Also, at some institutions you may be required to submit test scores to be eligible for merit scholarships.  Once again, you should ask the specific college/university that you are interested in for their requirements as it varies by institution  


    Financial Aid and the CSS Profile

     If you will be applying for financial aid, some colleges and universities will require that, in addition to completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, (FAFSA) that you also complete the CSS Profile. Data obtained from the CSS Profile is used to determine a student's  eligibility to receive institutional financial aid.  Colleges Requiring the CSS Profile


    Self-Reported Test Scores

    One of the most recent changes to occur in the college application process is that many schools have begun accepting standardized test scores submitted directly by the student. Rather than having scores sent from the College Board or ACT, students can include their scores on their Common Application. If the student attends the school to which  scores were self-reported. the student will be required to send official scores from either the College Board or ACT. This is a tremendous cost savings for families. Colleges Accepting Self-Reporting Scores