• Welcome 5th Graders!
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    Every fifth grade student meets once a week for a general music class in addition to their weekly chorus rehearsal.  Students learn and reinforce a large variety of musical concepts through singing, moving, body percussion, reading, notating and the playing of classroom Orff instruments.  The following highlights some of the objectives and repertoire we will cover over the next few months


    The students will…

    • Perform, notate and read syncopated and dotted rhythms in duple and triple meter through moving, singing and playing. Old King Cole, Welcome All, Over the River, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, A Skunk, A Turkey Knocked, Inspiration, A Flea and a Fly
    • Perform, notate and read patterns compound meters including 5/4 and 7/8 through moving, singing and playing. Row, Row, Row your Boat, Over the River, Inspiration, A Flea and a Fly 
    • Perform I, IV, and V chord accompaniments on barred instruments. Bongo Joe,  Ob-La-Di, Sarasponda
    • Sing descants along with intermediate 2-part songs in holiday and spring concerts. Chili Caliente, My Own Song, Sarasponda, Try Everything, For Good