• Elementary Enrichment Program

    Elementary After School Enrichment Program


    The Manhasset Elementary Enrichment Program is an after-school experience designed to provide challenges beyond the scope of the instructional school day. Students in fifth and sixth grade who demonstrate a particular strength in math, science, or English are identified for the program after careful examination of their established school performance in these content areas (e.g. students' report card grades, unit test average, final exam results, etc.). Additionally, a students' NYS Math and English Language Arts Test results, if available, and select scores from the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) from the prior year’s assessments are used as criteria for acceptance.


    Each enrichment module (Mathematics, Humanities, and STEM) incorporates the concepts, skills, and activities within the respective disciplines. The maximum number of students assigned to each enrichment class is based on the activities planned, safety and equipment considerations, lesson management, and administrator judgment regarding students’ ability to work effectively with the instructor and the curriculum.


    As a result of this process, we do our best to ascertain the highest performing students in each subject area; those students are invited to participate*.  Classes are formed using agreed upon measures until the maximum student load for each module has been reached--typically 18-22 students per module.


    Although they are quite challenging, enrichment classes are also meant to be enjoyable after-school enrichment opportunities. Participation in these classes does not influence a student’s qualification for placement in future accelerated classes, nor other advanced programs. Additionally, the enrollment in one enrichment module does not influence eligibility in any of the remaining enrichment modules, as different criteria and formulas are used for each of the programs. Participation in these modules also has no impact on a student’s regular report card grades.


    *Note: Students who are in the accelerated math classes during the regular school day are not identified for the after-school math enrichment modules, as they already take part in an accelerated math curriculum on a daily basis.