• Superintendent of Schools
     Vincent Butera
    Dear Manhasset Residents,

    Since the time I was appointed as superintendent of schools in July 2017, I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to listen, learn and get to know the many people who make Manhasset the great community it is. It is evident that there is so much to be proud of!

    I’ve quickly learned that our school district is rich in its tradition of excellence and has afforded students opportunities to pursue academic excellence in a wide range of studies, develop their talents and interests in the arts and athletics and engage in myriad of other activities.

    What has been most impressive, however, is that in spite of all that there is to be proud of in our district, there is a recognition that there is no “status quo.” We are continually striving to evolve, develop best practices and afford our students with additional opportunities. I am inspired by our community’s sense that we have not yet reached the “pinnacle” – this is truly a sign of an exceptional organization and community.

    This is why in the spring of 2018, thanks to the generous support of the SCA, the district developed and administered a survey to our parents, faculty and students. This survey provided an opportunity for so many within our community to share their thoughts on the Manhasset experience.

    The nearly 2,700 responses shed light on so much that we have to be proud of including high standards for learning, countless academic accolades for our students and an emphasis on scholarship – all of which are (and should be) a source of pride.

    We also know from our discussions that what our community wants for its students goes beyond achieving high grades and acceptances to the universities of their choice. Our community wants students who grow into young adults who are academically, socially and emotionally healthy. We want students who are fulfilled, happy, and resilient – and while we know that many students already are, we also know that our focus on our children’s social and emotional well-being must continue.

    This is why, working in collaboration with our mental health providers, and in partnership with outside agencies, the district will work to build an understanding of mental wellness. We will work to ensure that we have the systems and supports needed to be able to assess, intervene and monitor our students as they navigate these most important years.

    Our efforts to strengthen our academic systems and supports will also continue to be a priority. These include:

        • Ensuring a rich, guaranteed, and viable curriculum across grade levels, schools, and departments.
        • Investing in the professional growth and capacity of our faculty and staff.
        • Reimaging the classroom so that the environment is one most conducive to learning – one that gives our teachers the flexibility to adapt the environment to the objectives of each lesson and to do so in a most comfortable learning environment.
        • Continuing to reimagine our physical plant to provide us the opportunity to meet the needs of our student population.

    What is evident to me is that no task of this significance is ever accomplished alone. We are fortunate to have so many who are invested in the success of our students and our school district. So many people have contributed to make our school district into what it is…we certainly do not take that support for granted.

    We all share a common interest in making sure that the stories our students tell of their years here in Manhasset are ones that they do so fondly – stories of being challenged, of growing and learning, and doing so in an environment where they are cared for.

    I can’t imagine a more important and meaningful responsibility. We look forward to strengthening our partnership and continuing to communicate the ways in which we plan to enhance the Manhasset journey.