• I’ve always been fascinated by the potency of language. Think about it: next to macaroni and cheese and air conditioning, language is one of the finest inventions by humanity. We can transform, twist, turn, transmute, and alliterate language. We can play with language – make it metaphorical or rhetorical, grandiloquent or concise. We can put together elegant word pairings that sing like ephemeral effervescence or crash like cacophonous cataclysm. Language is the basis of our day-to-day existence. It sparks multifaceted emotions. And, perhaps best of all, it is accessible, improvable, and available.

    In addition to my love of language and zeal for those who are masters at utilizing it, I am also passionate about music and sports (I’m a Mets and Jets fan – yes, there is a joke somewhere in there … you can laugh at my misfortune). I am ardent about animal rights. I am a vegetarian and dog owner. My dog’s name is Tully – you can see him on the homepage (don't worry - it was Photoshopped). He has a cute tail, loveable face, appetite for any food, interest in foul-smelling entities, and sincere hatred for anything scary.

    Now for a few particulars. I studied English - Rhetoric at Binghamton University, and I worked on the editorial staff of a few medical publications. In that role I was able to hone my writing craft. However, I was unfulfilled. Becoming an English teacher was my calling. I find so much joy in this profession, and I look forward to sharing this joy with you all!