Manhasset High School

    Course Descriptions ~ Spanish 1-1

    Teacher: Mrs. Scaldaferri

    Email: Scaldaferri_g@manhassetschools.org

    World Languages Department: (516) 267-7688

    Webpage~~ http://www.manhassetschools.org/Domain/322


    Welcome to Spanish 1-1. ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español 1-1!   This will be an exciting year as we venture into the Spanish-speaking world.   We will have fun as we embark on new adventures, participating and communicating all in Spanish. By the end of the year, you will be amazed and impressed by your growth. Just remember to be patient with yourselves and to keep a positive attitude. Learning Spanish is fun!!


    Throughout the academic year, students will be involved in a wide range of differentiated activities that will conform to the NYS Learning Standards for Languages Other Than English and the National Standards for Foreign Language Education. Let’s gear up for an exciting year!




    • Develop the four essential language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.
    • Identify and use Spanish vocabulary and grammatical structures.
    • Enrich awareness and appreciation of the Spanish-speaking world and demonstrate awareness of the intercultural differences.



    • Getting acquainted: Greetings/ Salutations/Introductions
    • Calendar and Weather: Numbers/Days of the week/Months/Dates/Weather/Seasons
    • Classroom environment and School: Time/School subjects/Classroom objects/Colors
    • Personal Identification: Talking about oneself/Nationality
    • Family Life: Family members/Pets/Family activities
    • House and home: Rooms in the house/Furniture/Appliances
    • Meals: Foods/Drinks
    • Clothing: Articles of clothing/Shopping vocabulary
    • Sports and leisure activities/Locations in the community/transportation



    • All Manhasset Middle School rules including the Academic Integrity Policy apply.
    • Classmates and teacher should be treated with RESPECT.
    • Please arrive on time and be seated BEFORE the bell rings and be ready to work.
    • CELL PHONES should not be visible and should be turned off within the classroom stetting, unless use of the cell phone is directed by the teacher.
    • Be prepared for class (example: homework, binder, pens. etc.).
    • Participate daily by making contributions during the period.
    • Do not call out. Please raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged.



    • Loose-leaf binder/paper or a section of a large loose-leaf binder for Spanish.
    • Folder with pockets and holes.
    • Writing utensils (blue or black pens, pencils, highlighters).
    • Several packages of small sized index cards (should be kept at home).
    • Spanish/English dictionary is recommended (should be kept at home).




    • Así se dice Level 1 Textbook (to be distributed in class)




    • Formal Assessment Rubric for Academic Achievement
    • Students are assessed frequently both formally (quizzes, tests, projects) and informally (homework, in-class work, participation)
    • Your grades are based on the total number of points earned each quarter. The grade for the quarter is a combination of formal and informal assessments, participation, homework and the points lost for missing/incomplete homework.
    • If a test is missed, students must make up the test in the Language Laboratory during a free period or before school. Arrangements must be made with the teacher.




    • Homework is generally assigned 2-3 times a week and must be completed when assigned. If there is no written assignment, students MUST study their notes and vocabulary from that day. Language learning is cumulative and requires a good basic vocabulary.
    • Missing homework may not be made up, 1 point will be removed from the overall number of points you receive in the quarter.
    • Students who are absent must complete the homework they missed within a reasonable amount of time in order to receive credit.


    NOTE: The final grade for students enrolled in level I-2 is calculated using grades from level I-1 & I-2. (Calculation: grade in level I-1 (1/3) + grade in level I-2 (2/3) determines the final grade for level 1). The final grade for level I-1 & I-2 appears on the high school transcript.




    • Students will have class in the Language Laboratory approximately every 12 days. This will reinforce listening and speaking skills. The Tower Foundation provided the funds necessary to provide this wonderful “communicative tool” which enables students to focus on developing aural/oral proficiency in the target language. The lab is open to all students before school and throughout the school day.



    • Teachers offer extra help on a schedule determined in the beginning of the school year.
    • Members of the Language Honor Societies provide extra help/support to students in need on designated mornings during each week. Monthly schedules are posted outside the Language Lab and on the Honor Societies’ webpages.



    • Students will complete a midterm exam that will cover work done from September to January and final exam at the end of the school year. The final exam will be cumulative.



    • Rosetta Stone will now be a MANDATORY part of the curriculum for all World Languages students. Students must complete one unit per quarter which will count as an assessment grade. Rosetta Stone is a great way to supplement the curriculum, improve communication skills, and increase fluency.  



    • As written in the student planner and posted on the Manhasset Secondary School website, “To help students achieve their maximum potential, Manhasset Secondary School promotes an environment which fosters integrity and honorable conduct. Administrators, faculty, students, and parents share the responsibility for maintaining an atmosphere in which personal accountability is valued.” With this statement in mind, students must maintain work that is theirs alone and does not violate the Academic Integrity Policy. Please refer to the handbook regarding the consequences and procedures used when an academic integrity violation has occurred.
    • Students are expected to complete all assignments using their own language ability. The use of any electronic or internet translator, friends, or family is regarded as a breach of academic integrity. Suspected use of any of these sources will result in the outlined consequences contained in Manhasset’s Academic Integrity Policy.



    • Listen attentively to your classmates.
    • Don’t be shy. Ask questions. If you don’t understand something, chances are someone else in the class doesn’t either.
    • Don’t cram before a quiz/test. Review your class notes every night, even if it’s for just a few minutes. Don’t forget to include your vocabulary/grammar concepts.
    • Try to immerse yourself in the Spanish-speaking world.       For example:
      • Watch an old movie, like Toy Story, in Spanish and try to follow.   You know the storyline. See how well you can follow.
      • Watch the weather on a Spanish channel on TV then compare it to the weather on an English Channel.
      • Have fun conversing in Spanish with your friends, about any topic. Make it fun—no pressure.
    • Some useful websites:








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