• In the summer of 2020 Manhasset stopped using the web-based "Teacher Pages" in favor of the Learning Management System Canvas.
    The past few years have taught us the importance of communication between home and school and how critical this connection is to student success. To help strengthen the partnership between the school and home, we are pleased to offer parents access to “observer accounts” for their children’s Canvas page. We hope that this provides parents with an additional tool to help monitor and support their children’s work at home. 

    Creating a parent observer account is relatively straightforward and begins by generating a join code from your child’s Canvas page. After you’ve generated a join code, you need to create an account in Canvas and use the pairing code you generated to be an “observer” on your child’s Canvas page. Please click on this link for step-by-step instructions and videos.

    Teachers' use of Canvas varies by grade: 

    • Teachers in grades K-4 use it primarily as a "parent-facing" platform - posting materials and resources (as appropriate). Homework assignments and homework materials are not posted to Canvas for grades K-4. 
    • Grades 5 and 6: Canvas is used both as a “parent-facing” and as a student platform. Canvas is used to communicate homework assignments and, as appropriate, materials, resources, and to upload assignments.
    • Grades 7-12: Canvas is used to communicate homework assignments, post course resources as appropriate, and communicate due dates, assessment dates, and project dates. 

    While we are pleased to offer observer accounts to families, we mustn't lose sight of the importance of building student independence. The responsibility of staying on top of deadlines rests with the student. We encourage parents to foster independence by having their child maintain responsibility for being the primary point of contact with their teacher when there are questions about Canvas content. 

    Families should use their observer accounts to monitor and support their children's Canvas page. Please do not share information to access your children's page with anyone outside your family. Also, observers are not permitted to share materials from their child's Canvas pages with others.