•       The depth and scope of the Manhasset Schools Activities Program – through its offerings in the areas of Academic Activities, Arts, Theatre Arts, Publications, Service & Honor Organizations, and Governance – offers an opportunity for all Manhasset students. Participation in an extra classroom activity leads to individual growth in many areas as it enriches each child’s overall school experience.

    The offerings in this book – actualized by your child’s participation – enhance individual development, in alignment with the Mission Statement of the District. Active participation and character–based leadership are the foundation of each activity and the portal to many of the Indicators of Manhasset’s Standards of Excellence. The program provides many opportunities for the continuing social and emotional development that are an integral part of a well-rounded individual.

    An overwhelming majority of students take advantage of the activities program. Please review with your son/daughter the many offerings that he/she will have this year. If you have any questions, feel free to call the principal of your school.