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  • Mr. Minaya

    Music and Fine Arts Department



  • All Band Students

    • One-Inch three-ringed Binder (band only)
    • Music stand (for home use)
    • Metronome (phone app’s are okay) Tuner (phone app’s are okay) Suggestion: KORG TM40

    Band PPE

    Band PPE

     Flute shield

    You may possess some of these items from your previous years in band, however many of the items below are enhanced products to improve playing. Please make sure your equipment is up-to-date.



    • Hodge silk swab and Rod
    • Pneumo pro (suggestion, not required)

    Oboe/ Bassoon

    • Singin' Dog Reed Soaker Cup& clip
    • GEM swabssilk swab for oboe / bassoon
    • Good set of reeds and reed case
    • Cork-grease


    • Vandoren M13 Lyre mouthpiece
    • Rovner Dark ligature
    • Thumb-EezThumb rest pad (suggestion)
    • Reeds in a case (Vandoren or rico reserve)
    • Hodge silk swab (alto or tenor)
    • Cork-grease


    • Vandoren AL3 mouthpiece
    • Rovner Dark ligature for your instrument type
    • Reeds in a case (Vandoren or rico reserve)
    • Hodge silk swab (alto or tenor)
    • Cork-grease

    French Horn

    • Schilke Model 29 mouthpiece
    • Tuning Slide Grease
    • Rotary Valve Oil (any brand)
    • linkage bearing oil (Hetman)
    • Buzz Extension & Resistance Piece (BERP) size #1 for French horn


    *MUST have a working 3rd valve tuning slide

    • Vincent Bach 7C Mouthpiece
    • Piston Valve Oil (“Bluejuice” oil)
    • Tuning Slide Grease
    • 3rdValve Slide oil- (“Al Cass oil”)
    • Buzz Extension & Resistance Piece (BERP) size #3 for trumpet


    • Vincent Bach 6 ½ AL small shank mouthpiece
    • Tuning Slide Grease
    • Yamaha Trombone Slide Lubricant (YAC1021P)
    • Travel size spray bottle (filled with water),that can easily fit inside your trombone case.
    • Vinyl-Covered Flexible Cleaner for trombone (snake brush)
    • Buzz Extension & Resistance Piece (BERP) Size # 4 For Small-Shank Trombones

    Baritone and Tuba

    • Baritone Mouthpiece Vincent Bach 6 ½ AL
    • Tuba MouthpieceConn Helleberg 120S
    • Tuning Slide Grease
    • Piston Valve Oil (“Bluejuice” oil)
    • BERPsize #4 for Trombone and Baritone
    • BERPsize #6 for Tuba


    Due to COVID, percussionist will not be sharing sticks this school year, students MUST come prepared with their own sticks/ equipment. 

    • Stick-Bag(any style)
    • Snare drum (w/ snare stand “standing height”)[for home use]
    • Pack of 2B Vic Firth Drum sticks
    • Rubber mallets (medium- Vic Firth)
    • Yarn mallets ( medium- Vic Firth)
    • Timpani Mallets (medium hard)

    Vic Firth’s Intermediate Education Pack (Links to an external site.) has a good set for percussionist.- check 

    *Put your name on EVERYTHING. Use a permanent marker or an oil paint pen.



    Wright Music (516) 883-0043

    Catalano’s Music (516) 488-2522

    Lewis Music (516) 742-3961

    Monster Music (516) 735-3594

    Helpful Websites: Woodwind and Brass (Links to an external site.)DillonMusic (Links to an external site.)Musiciansfriend (Links to an external site.)Amazon (Links to an external site.)