Rosemary Johnson  
    Deputy Superintendent for Business and Finance
    Jean Kendall photo
    Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
    Director of Instructional Technology and Libraries
    Director of Guidance and Counseling Services
    Assistant Directors:
    Gary LaFemina, Assistant Director CPSE/Elementary Special Education
    Stewart Grabelsky, Assistant Director Secondary Special Education
    District Coordinators:
    Dr. Rebecca Chowske, District Coordinator of English Language Arts
    Lauren Tallarine, District Coordinator of Mathematics
    Thomas Elkins, District Coordinator of Science, Technology and Health Education
    Mara Steindam, District Coordinator of Social Studies
    Laurie Lauria, District Coordinator of World Languages
    School Offices
    High School Main Office:  516-267-7605
    Middle School Main Office:  516-267-7505
    Munsey Park Main Office:  516-267-7400
    Shelter Rock Main Office:  516-267- 7450