Junior Mathletes
    Welcome to Junior Mathletes! Junior Mathletes is a competitive math club for qualified seventh and eighth-graders. The Junior Mathletes encourages individual and team achievement by competing in local math competitions with neighboring schools. Highest achievers go on to participate in more selective and challenging math contests and are eligible to win awards. 
    Click here to join the 2020-21 team on Canvas!  More info to follow soon on Canvas.
    -Junior Mathletes practices/competitions will take place with Mrs. Lee weekly.  Details to follow soon.
    -The season starts in October and ends in May.
    Please email the team advisor, Mrs. Lee for any questions! Looking forward to a great year!

    Team Advisor: Mrs. Lee



    8th and 9th graders are eligible to participate in the high school Mathletes competitions. Please see the 10-12th Mathletes website for information or Mr. Jones.