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    Meeting Time: Wednesday afternoons at 3:15 pm.
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    Mock Trial is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling extracurricular experiences you can have during your high school career. You’ve heard this before – after all, where is the club that calls itself dull? But we’re happy to tell you that this is not just hyperbole. Mock Trial is more than just a club – it is a true family and a great learning experience. As you get to know your fellow teammates, you will learn how to work in a group, think on your feet, articulate your ideas intelligently and spontaneously, and be a more convincing public speaker. More importantly, you will share discussions, jokes and memories that will last a lifetime.

    Each year, the Mock Trial Team competes in tournament organized by the Nassau County Bar Association. The NCBA will send us a packet detailing the events of a fictional court case. We are given two sides of the case (defense and prosecution/plaintiff), each with three witnesses. On the team, six people will act as these witnesses, learning their affidavits and eventually taking the stand both to give testimony and receive cross-examination. Another six people will be attorneys for either the defense or the prosecution/plaintiff. Attorneys will direct their witnesses, cross-examine a witness on the other side, and possibly even write and deliver an opening or closing statement. Ultimately, the team will have the opportunity to argue both sides of the case against other schools in simulated trials presided over by real judges.

    Mock Trial is extremely prestigious and fun, but it is also a deep commitment that will require a significant portion of your time. Meetings will occur at least once a week (an often more when we get closer to competitions) and will typically last for 1-2 hours.You will also be required to prepare and practice materials outside of school. 

    If you are interested in joining the team or have any questions, contact Mr. Simeti at christopher_simeti@manhassetschools.org 

    Mock Trial