Spanish Honor Society

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    La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica Nacional 2019-2020

    Próxima reunión: VIERNES, el 6 de MARZO

    Importante: Check the meeting agenda (tab on left) to find what was discussed at the last meeting

    and the Google Classroom for announcements and participation opportunities.

    The application process for the NSHH began in September and the first meeting was be held Friday, September 28th 2018 at 7:40am in the Auditorium. 

    (Note: Regarding late registration, once students have missed the first two meetings, there are not able to join.) 

    Prior to the first meeting, eligible students receive a letter in their Spanish classes informing them of the requirements and steps to apply for membership.
    Students are invited to join the Society on a probationary basis.
    In order to join, candidates meet the following requirements:
    • be at least a sophomore who has completed levels 1,2,3 (this is most often during students' junior year)
    • a 3.67 GPA in Spanish 
    • an overall 3.33 GPA in all other subjects

    Membership is granted only to those students who continue to demonstrate exemplary achievement in Spanish and display commitment and dedication to Society.

    The Induction Ceremony takes place April 29th 2020

    *¡Importante! All reminders and communication is now via our Google Classrom and school email account (
      Executive board 2019-2020
    President:  Oliver Reinhardt
    Vice President: Luke Chan
    Secretary:  Sarah Chan
    Treasurer:  Luke Bakshandeh
    Student Senate Representatives:  Peter Petrakis, William Apostolou
    Historian:  Nicole Garvey
    The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica Nacional (NSHH) was founded to recognize students' academic excellence in Spanish. It also promotes continuity of interest in the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures by providing opportunities to use the language and experience the culture.We hold many cultural and philanthropic events that help to promote awareness and appreciation of Hispanic cultures.  
    Spanish Honor Society students are available for peer tutoring Thursday mornings from 7:30-8am in the Language Lab.
    Students of all levels who need help are encouraged to come! 
    General Membership Meetings take place two Friday mornings a month (see calendar) in the Auditorium. Click on Calendar link on left to see the meeting schedule. 



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